Lucky chess win where I try defending (Oct Part 5)

Having a defensive game in mind Defends my own queen Defends my center pawn Blocks his queen check Defends my pawn with my queen Trying some fork tricks if he is not careful backs off my bishop Dangerous queen but I can block him with my queen The pawn move gives space for my queen […]

Chess endgame | Rule of Opposition | King + Pawn Chess Ending | Explained through my own game

Hello friends! This is Anuj from Shatranj time. Today I am going to describe a game to you A game that I was a part of and it was a really nice game and what’s so interesting about the game was that there is one very important chess principle called as opposition that I utilized […]


Portraits and propaganda of Queen Elizabeth I of England | Curator’s Corner Season 2 Episode 8

I’m Dora Thornton, I’m the curator of Renaissance Europe Welcome to my corner. I’m here with a very small but special selection of jewels with miniature portraits of Elizabeth the first as Queen of England when we think of Elizabeth we tend to think of the huge emblematic political portraits but these objects although they […]

LUDO QUEEN Game Play (Android & iOS)


How to Play Carroms

How to Play Carroms. Carroms is a game similar to billiards but is played on a plywood board using wooden pucks called carroms. Players use a striker to push their carroms into pockets at the board’s corners before their opponents sink theirs. You will need 2 to 4 players Plywood board Coin 9 white carroms […]

FIMO Königin: Polymer Clay Chess Queen – Tutorial [HD/DE] (EN-Sub)

In chess, each player has one queen also known as lady. In English, the figure is called “Queen“ in french “Reine d’échecs“. The queen is like the tower a major piece. The queen is the strongest character in the game. The queen has the value of nine pawns. The lady moves diagonally and linearly. She […]

Chess Lesson: How to Beat a Chess Master Series – 21

Protecting my e4 pawn Preventing to break the d file Threatens his queen This bishop move prevents his King from castling Threatening to capture his d4 pawn with my Rook Protecting my bishop Harassing his Queen Bringing my Queen forward to attack A brilliant bishop sacrifice Threatening Rook to g5 check and mate For more […]

Chess Lesson: How to Beat a Chess Master Series – 20

Castling for safety Preventing his bishop to g4 square Activating the rook Bringing the knight to attack A triple piece attack to his f7 pawn Targetting Queen to g7 hitting his rook Threatens to capture his rook Threatens Queen takes rook at f8

Beginning Chess Lessons: Part 4 : How to Spot Alakine Defense Opening in a Chess Game

The next kings point opening will be Alakine’s Defense. Alakine was a very great Russian Chess master, and world champion, and this is what he liked to play against the pawn to king’s four opening. Instead of bringing out his pawn, he would typically play this; knight to king’s bishop three. And what tended to […]