Power Rangers Dino Super Charge Episodes 1-20 Season Recap | Neo-Saban Superheroes Dinosaurs History

(tense music) My name is Snide, but you can call me master. Sledge is history, you’re all mine, or you’re toast! (grunts) Not now. No! Please excuse my other half, Snide is rather uncouth. So you’ve applied to be a waiter, and, you! You’re that guy! (engine revs) You could’ve been hit! Thank you. You […]

Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel – Epic Game Goblin Sensation | Episode 5 “Game Plan”

Come on little guy! There you are, Preston! Hey Presto! What’s up? You busy? Yes! I got a spider! Hey guys. So you’re playing that game too, huh? Game Goblin, it’s the latest craze. [Goblin] Help me, help me! See, you got this cooky little goblin guy in to take over the castle, and he […]

Titan Megazord Fight Battle | Power Rangers Mystic Force | Chess Checkmate | Episode 4 “Rock Solid”

Uthra Mejor, Rise Up. No way! (ominous music) We’ve got to do something! Maddie! You’re okay! Looks like I got here just in time. Hey Madision, I was a jerk, I’m sorry I said you were too shy. Apology accepted, let’s just forget about it. Look! I guess we both learned something today. You sure […]