🔴 March 24 Tarot-Scope 🌞 New Moon Aries ♈️ Activates Jan 19 Full Moon Eclipse👉 LET ME COUNT THE WAYS

cannot even make this stuff up I’m in my edits in the area of communications and breaking news there is a court filing about McDonald and his suppression of free speech I think I included it around minute 24 enjoy hello friends I just finished the New Moon in Aries gives us so much hope […]

Dems want to punish people who have done well in life: Sen. Cassidy

Canada: The Board Game | 22 Minutes

[Voiceover] Looking for a fun new board game? [Voiceover] Try playing Canada! Okay, I’m Canada so I’m in charge, Alberta you get a bunch of pieces, Quebec you get a bunch of pieces, and everybody else gets one piece each. Seems fair to me! It’s Canada: The Board Game! It’s the mix of Risk and […]

Auschwitz Memorial Criticizes Amazon Show ‘Hunters’ Over ‘Human Chess’ Scene | NBC Nightly News

First Look At New Investigative Documentary On Amazon, Jeff Bezos | NBC News NOW

Meet Garry Kasparov | The chess grandmaster and political activist | Leaders in Action Society

Champlain college student comes up with ‘Trumped Tweets’ card game

Avengers: Endgame – Thanos was wrong | IN 60 SECONDS

In Avengers: Infinity War, the evil villain Thanos likely draw inspiration from Malthus. Like Thanos, Malthus was convinced that population growth would outpace growth in living standards, leading to disaster. Unlike Thanos, Malthus did not use a magic glove to kill half the universe. But Thanos and Malthus are wrong. As technology improves, so does […]

China, Xi “very helpful” to U.S. in negotiations with N. Korea: Trump

US president donald trump says his administration will work closely with China on North Korean issues praising Chinese leader Xi Jingping for his role in dealing with the regime after Wednesday’s signing ceremony for the Phase one trade deal with China translator Beijing is helping Washington with quote a lot of things when it comes […]

The Sea Snake

♪♪ [sigh]The situation is dire.I know I have enemies in the Senate.But which are friend and which are foe?I cannot say.I have been told of a certain sea snake which has a very unusual method of attracting its prey. It will lie at the bottom of the ocean as if wounded,then its enemies will approachand […]