Card Games: Crash Course Games #13

Hi, I’m André Meadows and this is Crash Course Games. Today, we’re going to be talking about playing cards, gaming artifacts that have truly stood the test of time. These simple, small pieces of paper have been entertaining people for over a millennium. There’s a countless variety of card games, from Go Fish to Yu-Gi-Oh! […]

Learn English – Vocabulary & Expressions for POKER and other card games

Oh, there we are. Hi there. Welcome to poker night with Ronnie. Do you know how to play poker? Maybe? Do you know how to play poker in English? I’m going to teach you. I know how to play poker. I am not very good at playing poker; I always seem to get really terrible […]

Magic: The Gathering – Inside the World’s Most Played Trading Card Game | American Obsessions

Why Do We Play Games?

Hey, Vsauce. Michael here. Why do humans play games? Whether it’s a video game or a board game or a physical game, like soccer – or football. I don’t have to put the ball in the net to survive, and, even if I did, why would I invite a goalie and another team? Games are […]

Board Games : About Backgammon Games

Hi, my name is Wendy Challey, from Games of Berkeley, and this is backgammon games. Backgammon games come in a variety of styles. The simplest is the one that’s just a cardboard board, and it’s played with checkers, as backgammon men, and the other side is usually a red and black checkerboard. You can often […]

Multifunctional smart table: coffee table, bar table, dining table, games tables.

Welcome to the exciting new worlds of fun that you’ll find… all in one incredible product! “Nois” is proud to present this new Israeli patent that’s going to take the world by storm! Nois is a single smart table, opening up numerous exciting adventures… a world of games… convenience, and chic, artistic design… All In […]

Board Games : About Novelty Chess Sets

Hi. My name is Windy Challey at Games of Berkeley. There are many novelty chess sets on the market. Some of them are based on fantasy characters. I have here a Shrek set. Also Peanuts. And there’s different sports teams, so baseball and football. Simpson sets. We also have large chess sets available. Here’s one […]

Board Games : About Medieval Chess Sets

Hi, my name is Windy Challey from Games of Berkeley. I have here two styles of medieval chess sets. The first is a wood cut version of the Isle of Louis chess set. The Isle of Louis chess set is an authentic replication of a chess set found in Ireland that dated to the eleven […]

Board Games : About Travel Chess Sets

Hi, my name is Windy Chelley and this is Games of Berkeley. And this is about travel chess sets. Travel chess sets come in many sizes. There are two kinds. The smallest and most compact kind is a flat styled board. I have a small one here. The board is flat and so are the […]

Board Games : About Unique Chess Sets

Hi. My name is Windy Challey at Games of Berkeley. There are many unique chess sets out there on the market that can be fun to collect and they can be a good show piece for your game room or living room. They are made in many different styles. I have one here which is […]