Contact Point for Serve & Forehand Loop in Table Tennis

Welcome back to my channel. A place to learn table tennis correctly and with fun. Finally, I have time to make another Ping Sunday video. Today, we talk about the “Contact Point” in table tennis. What is the appropriate contact point on the racket that makes consistent deliver in every execution? Hit the ball at […]

HUGE!! 9 POINT BUCK TAKEN WITH A RECURVE BOW – Traditional Whitetail Deer Bow Hunting – 2019 Archery

Saturday November 2nd pretty cold morning this morning I was about 23 degrees by myself this morning try to do some self filming we’re gonna drill cameras all summer there’s been some pretty decent bunk in here so awesome basically doing is walking around to have some scrapes on manchas that law degree two days […]

51. Physics | Kinematics | Distance Between Dropped Stones | by Ashish Arora

in this illustration, we’ll discuss about the distance between, dropped stones. and the situation is a balloon is ascending upward with acceleration 1 meter per second square. and 2 stones are dropped from it at an interval of 2 seconds. and we are required to find the distance between the stones 1 point 5 second […]