Hi everybody and welcome to this new video extra today I’d like to explain you all how to play with Pokèmon trading cards game properly Almost everybody has these cards but nobody knows how to play them I’m gonna tell you the main rules for have fun with your friends. Actually I get the idea […]

How to Play Pokemon Trading Card Game : Weaknesses & Resistances in Pokemon TCG

Let’s talk about weakness and resistance. When you attack or when you are defending your Pokemon has a resistance. Your Pokemon are located on the bottom of the card called the retreat card. If you look my Pokemon here has a weakness of fighting type and has a resistance to metal type Pokemon. Unless there […]

Tsuro – Playthrough

Hello! Welcome to Dibs On Blue. My name is Stephanie (Stephanie), and here’s my friend Bethany (Bethany). B: Hi! S: Today we are playing this game Tsuro. Really good game. Alright, ready? B: Ready. S: Oh! If you have no idea how to play this game, it’s totally fine, go ahead and watch… I already […]

Codenames – Playthrough

Hi! Welcome to Dibs On Blue. My name is Stephanie and this is my good friend Bethany. That’s her sign name. Bethany: Hi! Stephanie: My sign name is this. Ok so today we’re playing Codenames, but it’s just the two of us playing this, so, um it’s not a group setting so there’s different rules […]

Satranç-Stockfish 9 Bu Puzzle’ı Çözemedi!!!

Hello guys my name is Ada Today i will show you very strange puzzle Elvin showed me this puzzle and i found it interesting and i decided to make a video about it stockfish 9 cant solve this puzzle but humans can! as you can see stockfish 9 says black is winning here however if […]

CGRundertow METAL GEAR SOLID 3: SNAKE EATER for PlayStation Vita Video Game Review

It seems that Naked Snake is everywhere now. This is a man who is easily capable of sneaking past hundreds of guards, and I’m guessing who has sneaked out of paying the check on more than one occasion. But in little under a year, Snake has found himself in an HD remake, and also in […]

Meet the Bishops!

Now that we’ve learned the rook I think it’s time we double your knowledge don’t you? Let’s learn our second piece, which is the bishop. A lot of kids think the bishop has his mouth open because he’s ready to eat some pieces. Before we can do some eating we have to set the table […]

Special Pawns!

Wait, what’s this? Another endgame? But, I keep taking away big pieces? That’s right! We’ve learned the “King and Queen Mate”. We’ve learned the “Rook Roller Mate”. But would you believe you could checkmate with just a pawn? In some ways at the end of the game a pawn is even better than a bishop […]

CGRundertow METAL GEAR 2: SOLID SNAKE for MSX2 Video Game Review

When Metal Gear Solid was released for the original Playstation, not everyone realized that it was in fact the third game in the Metal Gear franchise. Many people had missed out on the second game entirely, Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake, and the main reason is because it was only released on the Japan exclusive […]