How to Play Five Card Draw

How To Play Five Card Draw. Texas Hold ‘Em became all the rage in the U.S. in the 1970s, but before that, Five Card Draw—first made popular during the Civil War—reigned supreme for more than a century. You will need A standard deck of playing cards Poker chips or money to bet with and a […]

Golf Solitaire Card Game : Golf Solitaire: Sample Hand: Part 2

But I can tell you, we’re not going to get a good score in this particular game. There’s a seven, six, seven, in a minute, we’ll know what our score is. Ace, so I don’t get to play. Jack, play this queen, then I can go to a jack or a king. Let’s go the […]

Super Summery Hide N’ Seek w/ PAW Patrol Bubble Guppies & Rusty Rivets 🔍| Nick Jr.

Get ready for a game of Super Summery Hide n’ Seek. Gil, Ruby and Rocky will hide and you have to find them. Gil’s up first. When you see him, shout “Gill!” [music playing] Where did that guppy go? [giggling] Fin-tastic! You found him! [music playing] Swim-sational! It’s Ruby’s turn to hide in this Super […]

Tutorial – How to play Famous Forehand, a tennis card game from Famous Games Co

So you want to be a famous tennis player, do you? Well grab your racquet and let’s head onto the court so I can check your serve. The first thing we need to do is create a score sheet with a column for each player. Then flip a penny to decidewho’s going to serve first. […]

Bouncy Ball Ping Pong (crazy spin)

What’s up everybody! Welcome to another episode of Challenge Pongfinity This is the series where YOU Challenge US With your craziest ideas Related to table tennis. If your comment gets picked We will feature it in our next video And give you a shout out. So make sure you leave your comments In the comment-section […]

How to Play Pokemon Trading Card Game : Where to Get Pokemon Cards

Let’s talk about some other ways that you can get cards, other than just in the starter deck. The second great way to get cards is through Pokemon packs. The packs have nine to ten additional game cards. There’s all different sets. Here I have a couple diamond and pearl sets, and one Crystal Guardians, […]