How many levels in table tennis ?

How many levels are there in table tennis? 2, 3 or 4? And how to improve your level? Welcome back to PingSunday, and I’m EmRatThich. Today, let’s talk about the levels and skills in table tennis. This video has the subtitle in English, Indonesian, Indian, Vietnamese, German, French, and more. I recommend you to turn […]

【卓球×テニスの王子様】元全日本実業団6位が3種のブーメランスネイクに挑戦したら・・・【おもしろ pingpong】

What the hell just happened? Xia, WRM. Gane, WRM. Today, the prince of table tennis and cartoon tennis I’m a former table tennis player. Boomerang Snake Shot by Kaoru Kaido I’d like to take on the challenge of It’s just not fun to imitate. This time, even those who don’t know table tennis can enjoy […]

❌ Королев – Трушкин 1:3 прогноз|30.03.2020|настольный теннис

greetings to all desktop enthusiasts tennis at 16:00 Moscow time in the pro league Pavel Korolev and Anatoly Trushkin will play between you on the channel mark sports betting and let’s look at statistics Trushkin Anatoly with us met king paul tonight the queen was twice stronger see outplayed with the same score 2 3 […]

King of the table [Pongfinity]

Today we are playing king of the table The winner stays on, first to 11 points wins And there’s a special rule if you win 3 points in a row Lets go! Two same colors start You start What happened there Are you okay I could say that’s there’s not enough room here Are you […]

Why JAN-Ove Waldner, Timo Boll, Samsonov – able to play at the TOP so Long ?

Why are European table tennis legends like Vladimir Samsonov, Timo Boll or Waldner able to play at the top of the world so long, while Chinese athletes often take a break early? This is the Reason : Analysis play style: – Samsonov: play both side, bulky body, slow speed, weak force, hit the medium range. […]

Мега Тест и обзор накладки Donic BlueStorm Z1 II Bluestorm Z1 rubber Test, Review,Analysis II TT4U

Hi tennis players! You are on the channel Table Tennis For You, TTFU. Here you will find a video about table tennis and its development. Support our channel with subscription, likes and of course we are waiting for your comments. Good morning to everyone who loves table tennis. For a long time we did not […]

Try Not To Stop Cheering Challenge | Cheerleaders Really Cheered For THAT?

– You’re adorable! You’re, you’re adorable! – He’s growing! Yes! – I feel really depressed! I’m not gonna lie! – (FBE) So Alexis, thanks for coming in today and joining us. – Hi. – (FBE) How long have you been cheerleading for? – I have been cheerleading for five years now. – I cheered from […]

KUKA presents “Timo Boll — The Spin of Life”, Part 3 Teaser Trailer

I’ll never forget that for as long as I live. We were at the European Youth Championships and I said, I’ve got a feeling he could become the European Champion. And they had a big laugh about it back at home in Höchst. They thought I was crazy. Back then Horst Bitsch already said to […]

Urban Table tennis EVER


Today… Books from a textbook on how to teach table tennis Here are a few excerpts. This time it’s in the book. How to take away your opponent’s hitting time How to score a real score based on technicality Make time for your own hitting. On two ways to prevent losing points I’ll explain. In […]