new leaked dlc for chess

GUYS, GUYS! I have some top secret news, I have leaked information straight from the headquarters of Equifax alright my sources for these leaks have never been wrong. They predicted Joker in Smash Ultimate, microsoft acquiring minecraft, the stock market crash of 2008,and shovel knight as a playable fighter, they’ve never been wrong. It’s interesting […]

Chess mates throughout history 4 (Steinitz, Chigorin, Tarrasch)

hello my name is Jovana and I made this video with my coach. Just remind you the main purpose of this video is to connect chess players from all over the world so if you want to be a part of caissas dreams send us a beautiful combination from your game I put our mail […]

News 8 Eye Piece: It’s Like Chess

Thousands of people from across Wisconsin descended on La Crosse this week looking to pocket some fun. Photographer Greg White takes us to the WAMO (wham-oh) pool tournament in this week’s Eye Piece. [Pool balls being placed] Emery: “There’s a lot of comradery in it, ummm…” [Opening break] Emery: “It’s interesting, fun. It’s kind of […]

Stratego Tips & Strategies : Utilizing Different Rules to Vary the Game of Stratego

Hi! This is Ken and I’m here today to talk about Stratego, a basic board game like chess. Now, there are variations to the game from the rules I’ve been talking about. One variation is that only the attacker has to declare what his piece it. So, if I go over here and I’ve got […]

Amazing Chess Game : Boris Spassky vs Bobby Fischer – World Ch. 1972 – Game 1 – Huge blunder!

Morning all. I’d like to address some coverage gaps on the channel regarding the classic Spassky vs. Fischer match of 1972. Which caught the attention of the world media. In game one there was a very interesting game and a very interesting apparent beginner’s blunder in inverted commas. Blunder which you know our club players […]

Amazing Chess Game: How the Kings Gambit defeated World Champion Bobby Fischer (Boris Spassky White)

Morning all let’s continue on look at how the King’s Gambit has defeated world champions in the past. Now this is a classic game which Fischer was so outraged when playing Spassky and losing to the Kings game that he wrote later a refutation in inverted commas to The Kings gambit. So it was Mar […]

Beginning Chess Lessons: Part 1 : How to Move a Queen in a Chess Game

Now we are going to look at the moves of the queen. The queen is a very powerful piece in fact in terms of actual play it is your most powerful piece. The king has a unique role that I will get into in a minute. The queen actually combines the moves of the rook […]