Chess openings – Philidor Defence

Welcome back to Today’s video is about the Philidor’s defense. The Philidor’s defense is a reply to the king’s pawn opening which begins with the moves, pawn to e4, pawn to e5, knight at 3 and now pawn to d6, the Philidor’s defense. In the Philidor’s defense, by defending the pawn on e5 with […]

Bobby Fisher’s Trap! or how to WIN in the chess game in 10 MOVES!

This blitz chess game Bobby Fischer and Reuben Fine played in New York in 1963. Philidor Defence. e4, e5 Nf3, d6 d4, Nd7 The strongest continuation here accepted e:d, N:d4 Nf6 The game Black played Nd7 and after Bc4 a short castling followed Be7 and d:e Black also takes e:d Here Fischer puts a trap […]