Chess- Death Battle Edition

There are only sounds

Game #18 – D90 Grünfeld Defense: Three Knights Variation

Hello today I play Black and the queen pawn today I have to react so… this is the Englund Gambit I should play He has a very strong center pawn structure I should put my bishop on the diagonal or just push my pawns to block his attack both are playable here I have 2 […]

How to pronounce PAWN – American English Pronunciation Lesson

welcome to the minute of speech today’s word is pawn a chess piece or a deposit for something borrowed A client made an embarrassing mistake and said porn an abbreviation for pornography let’s fix that to say the word pawn correctly focus on the short vowel sound-start by saying the p sound by putting your […]

BRIDGE AI, King of Chess Demo #2 OPT, 2m58s

Hello cookie Play chess with a waiting opponent and build a record Create game Created game Hello tutu Play chess with a waiting opponent and build a record Is there chess waiting room? Now cookie waiting opponent Game start You white play first Go forward two step No.5 pawn Right knight move to left down […]

Visualizing Endgame Outcome: Series 9

Hi everyone welcome to my YouTube channel. Today we are going to study about the game between Grandmaster Viswanathan Anand versus Grandmaster Wesley So at the 2019 Tata Steel India Blitz. Gandmaster Anand actually learn the intricacies of chess in Manila Philippines where he lived with his parents in 1978 up to the 80s I […]

Special Pawns!

Wait, what’s this? Another endgame? But, I keep taking away big pieces? That’s right! We’ve learned the “King and Queen Mate”. We’ve learned the “Rook Roller Mate”. But would you believe you could checkmate with just a pawn? In some ways at the end of the game a pawn is even better than a bishop […]

Winning with barnes opening(Oct Part 4)

Computer is hanging a little Occupying the center with one pawn Moving the knight to a good square Counter my center pawn with his side pawn In my plan I have to get rid of his knight and my bishop have to give way for my plan to succeed Another pawn for my plan to […]

Winning the game on time(Oct Part 3b)

First move by White First move by Black Defending the pawn with knight Trying to get both bishop and knight to a better square White castles Black castles Takes center pawn with a pawn Trying to get some ticky tack play Forcing White to take the knight and I take back with pawn Forcing white […]