Special Pawns!

Wait, what’s this? Another endgame? But, I keep taking away big pieces? That’s right! We’ve learned the “King and Queen Mate”. We’ve learned the “Rook Roller Mate”. But would you believe you could checkmate with just a pawn? In some ways at the end of the game a pawn is even better than a bishop […]

Winning with barnes opening(Oct Part 4)

Computer is hanging a little Occupying the center with one pawn Moving the knight to a good square Counter my center pawn with his side pawn In my plan I have to get rid of his knight and my bishop have to give way for my plan to succeed Another pawn for my plan to […]

Winning the game on time(Oct Part 3b)

First move by White First move by Black Defending the pawn with knight Trying to get both bishop and knight to a better square White castles Black castles Takes center pawn with a pawn Trying to get some ticky tack play Forcing White to take the knight and I take back with pawn Forcing white […]

Three folds repetition (In Chess October Part 8)

Occupying the center Opponent doesn’t want to occupy the center Control the center with another pawn Trying to make sure something defensive for development Protecting my kingside with a blocking knight Putting another pawn in the center Advancing his knight Advancing my bishop Looks like I have a good center Check! blocking move! Chasing the […]

Shogi technique Technique using FU

This time I will introduce the Fu technique Fu is the weakest piece in shogi However how to use it is very important to play shogi There are countless uses of Fu, but this time I will introduce the important ones Matching Fu The matching fu is a technique to advance the piece You can […]

How to exploit your opponent’s bad piece?

Hello everyone! Let’s see a brilliant Capablanca’s win in this video. It’s a very typical game on topic “How to use opponent’s bad piece?”. The game was played in Hastings, 1919. Capablanca was Black against William Winter and let’s see what happened in the game. Well, game of four knights (opening). Bb5, Bb4, 0-0, 0-0 […]

Chess Lesson: How to Beat a Chess Master Series – 16

Preparing for fianchetto bishop The bishop fianchetto Opening a diagonal for my bishop Preparing for pawn to g5 once he push his pawn to h5 Taking his h pawn will only activate his rook Developing my knight Vacating e7 square for my knight Developing my knight Preventing his knight going to b5 square Taking his […]

Chess Lesson: How to Beat a Chess Master Series – 21

Protecting my e4 pawn Preventing to break the d file Threatens his queen This bishop move prevents his King from castling Threatening to capture his d4 pawn with my Rook Protecting my bishop Harassing his Queen Bringing my Queen forward to attack A brilliant bishop sacrifice Threatening Rook to g5 check and mate For more […]