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Star Butterfly: Wojna o Mewni 16/24 “Król Ludo”

don’t want to see a single butterfly face [Music] everything in my kingdom is in order they will do that okay a few kinks to work out but overall the citizens of muni loves me hey mutt fender how are the king you know short selling very very very not good not good at all […]


look at this look Daniel taking a piss that’s good that’s the worst way to die taking a piss and then get eaten by alligator that’s the worst way to go because when wife gives you C for you blow shit up Wow better say like why isn’t he fishing and finishing them off they […]

The Sims Logic (Ep.14): Sims 4 Island Living (ft. SimgmProductions)

OMG there’s a mermaid. Maybe if I call her to come here, I can finally see her swimming gracefully. Hey you there! Can you come over here? Oh alright just a sec ond. Oh yeah. Technology exists. Wait, this small toddler can eat this husked coconut? You’re joking right? What the hell?! What are that […]