Pirc Defense | Ideas, Principles and Common Variations

Hi everyone, Stjepan here! I’ll start a new opening series today, and it will be on the Pirc Defense, which is a hyper-modern opening, and a bit different to the stuff I’ve been covering so far. The Pirc, often mispronounced as “perk”, or, in Croatian, “Pirčevka”, was named after Vasja Pirc, a Slovenian Grandmaster, Yugoslavian […]

English Opening forces a FIDE Master to resign on Chess.com | Twitch Chess Game

FM this time. All right. This time let’s play a little different. So 3 minute Chess is actually a good warm up, but you see guys you gotta play quickly and these guys are extremely fast. So my idea is to keep this as an option. This is called the English Opening. Or reverse dragon. […]

Grandmaster Chess Blunders #1: Can you spot the mistake?

Hello everybody it is jrobi. I wanted to do kind of a fun video series here, get it started off. I’m going to put these out here once in a while. And it is going to focus on trying to find the mistakes that Grandmasters have made in the past. And thankfully they make mistakes, […]

Grandmaster Chess Tactics #7: Can you spot the line?

Hello everybody it is jrobi. I have another Grandmaster Chess Tactics video that I want to do today. And it is based around a game played by Henrik Danielsen. For those of you who don’t know who Mr Danielsen is he is a chess Grandmaster from Iceland. And he is the only [the first] chess […]

LIVE Blitz #3719 (Speed) Chess Game: vs IM Ashkeef in French: MacCutcheon, Chigorin variation

welcome to another MEGA exciting five minute autopairing oh no okay I don’t know – French defense transposition it’s a territory I am aware of … vaguely I thought this is okay for black this line Should I take immediately or?! Qb5+ Nc6 all right so he’s got a passed pawn on the cards hmm […]

Grandmaster Chess Tactics #5: Can you spot the line?

Hello everybody it is jrobi again with another Grandmaster Chess Tactics video I’d like to do. And this position actually took place in a game between Magnus Carlsen and Levon Aronian in the recent Bilbao 2008 chess tournament. And Magnus was playing white in this position and it is white to move. Now the tournament […]

Chess traps in the opening Scotch game with the intermediate checks!

We continue to study Scotch Game and consider the interesting continuation on the fifth move. White moves Bc4 This move only looks like active but actually gives advantage for black much more profitable to play N:c6 and after b:c e5 Qe7, Qe2 Nd5, c4 with active playing In the game after Nf6 followed Bc4 and […]

Paul Morphy’s disputed Amazing Immortal Chess Game – Brief commentary #57 – London 1858

Morning all I’d like to show you a very interesting game this morning called the disputed immortal by some sources. It was played between Henry Edward Byrd and the great American genius Paul Morphy playing black. Paul Morphy was an American chess player considered to have been the greatest chess master of his era and […]

Bobby Fischer’s last round “must win” chess game with Mikhail Tal – Zurich 1959 – Final Round (15)

Morning all, on this Kings crusher channel we have seen many of the encounters of Tal against Fisher. In fact, with this game we will have a complete set. I’ll put it in a playlist and I’ll link the playlist from an embedded link within this video. This game is in the Zurich tournament of […]

LIVE Blitz #3722 (Speed) Chess Game: The Ultimate battle vs Grandmaster and Jedi Master

Welcome to another mega-exciting 5 minute autopairing – so he’s not committing to anything in particular just yet. Or is he going to commit to a Benoni structure later maybe I’ve got him wondering I’m hoping I’ve got him slightly on edge. Is he just transposing something he definitely knows?! Maybe Qa4 here – bit […]