LeapFrog Game App: Human Body Facts Trivia Book

LeapFrog presents The Human Body Captain Plasma’s Adventure! Climb aboard the blood vessel with Captain Plasma, White Ninja, Platey Platelet, and Red, and explore our amazing anatomy on hearty missions! Tilt and turn to navigate 7 systems of the body and learn all about our organs like how the heart keeps us ticking. Power up […]

Huge Pack Opening – Pokemon Trading Card Game Online – 81 PACKS!!!

hey whats up guys Canadian gaming bringing you some more pokemon action I got 81 packs for us to open today 81 mixture of all the new ones are H and origins couple plasmas couple generations drains altered let’s just jump right into it i’ll show you the facts I’ll show you the facts all […]

NUMBERJACKS | 1, 2, 3, Go | S1E38

Pokemon Trading Card Game Online – PACK ÇEKİLİŞ / GİVEAWAY


How to Play Spades : Terms Used in Spades Card Game

A Glossary of term, and this is a condensed version. A you can find a further glossary of terms and definitions by either going to the internet via one of the search engines or perhaps looking at a copy of the Complete Win At Spades, my card game book on spades. There are several terms […]

Cabals: The Card Game – Official Trailer

Behind the frail peace and settling dust of europe a new struggle for power has started a few exceptional individuals and four secret societies fighting for survival and domination combining ancient hyperborean energies of the underworld with brutal modern technology Men learned in ascetiric law and trained in scientific rigor in a quest for eternal […]


Man. Judging from the reaction to my Huge-Freaking-Shaymin Award-winning coverage of the Game Boy Color version of the Pokémon Trading Card game, you folks were kinda hungry for a proper follow-up. Well, here’s… this thing. It’s an online client for the Pokémon TCG that actually runs on cards obtained in real-life booster packs. Me, would […]

Roblox Gaming! HobbyPig in Natural Disaster + Hide And Seek Video Game

Uh oh! AHHH- Hey hobbykids, This is hobby Dad Who’s this guy? and I’m hobby pig hey hobby pig You wanted to see us play ROBLOX So we’re going to try it out. Have you played it a little bit? I play it a lot. You play it a lot? If you guys want to […]

Honest Trailers – Power Rangers (2017)

From the studio they could really use a new franchise, now The Divergent crashed and burned onto TV. Comes the reboot that asks… What if we took the Power Rangers. Seriously? Uh, oh. If you love The Breakfast Club, but wished they all turned into ninjas at the end. Then this is the movie for […]