Scary Movie Trailer: THE SNAKE – Merrell Twins

This just in. A giant python snake has escaped from the Los Angeles Wildlife Reserve. Oh my gosh. I’m really scared. Stop. We’re fine. It’s not even close to us. Hello? Ladies, y’all safe? There’s been reports that there’s a snake in the area. So keep your eyes out, okay? Okay. It’s deadly. If you […]

Rebecca Zamolo Official New House Tour! (Found Secret Hidden Room Using Extreme Everyday Objects)

Janna Top New Meta?! | #LEC Newsflash Week 7

How do you do fellow kids? Ender here, back with a new episode of Newsflash. Week 7 was all about the playoff race for the top six beginning to shape up. So let’s dive in. Newsflash All eyes were on G2 this week as they took on both Origen and Fnatic. And after slipping up […]

Dems want to punish people who have done well in life: Sen. Cassidy