LEC Pop Quiz – Buff / Nerf / Remove

Pop Quiz. I can’t wait. Buff, nerf, remove. Buff Zed. Maybe Zed, I think. I think he’s still pretty fine, but he could use some help. Buff Zed for sure. I want Xerath buffed. Champions like Xerath, for me, are one of the most skilled champions in the game to play, so I really like […]

FORTNITE NERF HIDE AND SEEK CHALLENGE ๐Ÿ“ฆโ› In The Worlds Biggest Box Fort!!

we are back in today as you can see we use the nerf guns because Logan what are we doing on this magical day oh that’s a big nerf goes today it is a little different because do not do that go hide in this dark corner here scared me over there it is nerve […]


I think we’re gonna hide in here under the stands a login I know you here somewhere buddy Jake what’s going on Oh could you not see what’s happening this do not see what I’m seeing what are you even looking at this bad Logan you’re just looking at the blinds what sorry Logan take […]

Sneak Attack Squad Capture The Bag! Hide and Seek Vs The Babysitters!


go love hey no what is going on what’s going on oh yeah yeah yeah oh my god bro chill no no chill homie alright peace treaty stop it oh I’m not high we are and we are doing nerf I’m see today what’s going on guys we are currently live with my bedroom was […]

The Most Ridiculous Streamers Predictions: The Best Cards from the Descent of Dragons | Hearthstone

Hello my friends. My name is Bot Mathematician, and this is Holomancer. And of course, I am the Daring Reporter Dora. We are very glad to see you all again. A fair amount of time has passed since the release of the new expansion and the nerf that followed it. New leaders arose in the […]

Fortnite Hide & Seek Nerf Battle Royale! | SuperHeroKids

– Fortnite Battle Royale! – Take this, Noah! (Yelling) – [Noah] I got you! I got you. I got you. – Hey Super Hero Kids, we’re right now in the middle of the most epic Fortnite Battle Royale ever! – I’m gonna build the best fort ever Noah, you can’t because you– (Laughing) – The […]

First Day Of Summer Vacation! Extreme Nerf Hide and Seek Challenge!

NINTENDO LABO BOX FORT!! ๐Ÿ“ฆ๐Ÿ‘พ Mario Kart, Table Tennis, Swords & More!

gee oh gee what are you doing looking out front I was trying to cryogenically freeze myself you stopped it I was just about to fall asleep what what is it Jake it’s it’s Friday it’s today in January Janey movie no no no no it’s it’s supposed to be February lovely ruin everything I […]

HACKER GIRL Game Master Hide and Seek NERF BATTLE!

– We have to hide from the Hacker Girl. – Ah, ha, ha! – Run! – Ah, no! – Hide, hide! – I see her! (screaming) (laughing) – I surrender! – Welcome home! We’re already geared up and ready to go for a brand new game here on the Carl & Jinger Family channel. We’re […]