150 Years of “Nature” | JEOPARDY!

(Jeopardy! board beeping) – [Alex] And now let’s take a look at the categories. First off, an entire category about 150 Years Of Nature, the prestigious weekly science journal. – 150 Years Of Nature for 200. – [Alex] In 2004, Nature published a paper about an extinct diminutive hominin nicknamed after this race from “The […]

Drew Brees Tests His Concentration | Brain Games

KEEGAN-MICHAEL KEY: We’re about to test the theory that training your brain can improve mental performance in the same way that weightlifting can build muscle strength. In this game, you’ll have to track several objects in motion. If you happen to be an air traffic controller or a parent watching your kids at a busy […]

Ted Danson Tries to Read Micro Expressions | Brain Games

– There is one place where it’s rewarded, the poker table. A poker player can win if they have the best hand, or if they convince the other players that they do. But even when someone is bluffing, their body language may give them away. [music playing] The smallest involuntary movements in our face are […]

San Jerónimo, a hidden paradise in Mexico – family life unplugged (Ep. #24)

Everybody ready to go? Do you guys know where we are going? we are going to San Jerônimo it’s the famous place on the pacific coast honestly it’s not so famous ok, in Mexiko it’s kind of known and what’s does Zihuatanejo means? Zihua means woman Nejo means dirty dirty woman… this is San Jerônimo […]

Ozzy Man Reviews: Honey Badger vs Python vs Jackal

Welcome to fight day. Here we have a python doing python-y things to a Honey Badger. There’s a big bastard in the background that has decided to stay out of it. He’s enjoying his plant-based diet. The Honey Badger is muttering “are ya sure you wanna commit to this fight? Do you know who I […]

Snake vs. Roadrunner Face-off | National Geographic

[mysterious music] NARRATOR: The tongue of western diamondback rattlesnake cautiously tastes the air. She flicks airborne particles against the roof of her mouth to be analyzed, sorting out potential food from potential threat, like this other icon of the Old West, and he’s hungry himself. The roadrunner is a tough old bird. You have to […]

Snake v. Bat | World’s Deadliest

NARRATOR: In a world full of dangerous serpents, one particular snake stands out– the eyelash palm pit viper. [dramatic suspenseful music] These serpents aren’t known to be friendly. They don’t welcome intruders, and their defense is deadly. [dramatic suspenseful music] This is a snake to watch out for, if you can. It’s so good at […]

Camouflage: Animal Hide & Seek

Shh! We’re playing hide and seek! But, I can’t seem to find Squeaks. Can you? [Soft music playing] Hah! Found yah! [Giggles] Here at the fort, we’re pretty good at hide and seek. You know why? Because we’ve learned a lot of great tricks from nature! There are lots of kinds of animals that have […]