60-Second Snakes: The Black Rat Snake

On this episode of sixty second snakes, we will be talking about Michigan’s largest snake, the black rat snake, a species of special concern. Here’s what to look for… First, check the appearance. This is a large, shiny black snake with a white chin and throat. Juvenile rat snakes may be more obviously patterned with […]

Vine Snake Up a Tree | Snake City

Titanoboa: Monster Snake – Titanoboa Vs. T-Rex

[MUSIC PLAYING] NARRATOR: Tyrannosaurus, one of history’s most fearsome mega predators. But now a new discovery joins the ranks of killer carnivores, and this one was a genuine giant. 48 feet long, weighing over a ton, the largest prehistoric snake ever found, Titanoboa. [MUSIC PLAYING] T-rex and Titanoboa lived in different times and on separate […]

World Snake Day is Sssomething Ssspecial | Nat Geo WILD

[music playing] NARRATOR: Since prehistoric times, people have both revered or feared snakes. Snakes are masters of disguise, skilled hunters, and excel at surprise attacks. Only a small portion of snakes are dangerous to humans. Most don’t deliver venom in their bite. World Snake Day provides a chance to better celebrate these sneaky serpents, some […]

10 Ways To Make Your Own Fun – HOW TO

[quirky horn sounds] [upbeat drum music] Hello art fans! It’s time for ten ways to make your own fun! Number one: Grab a few items from your trash and make a monster or animal. Challenge your friends and family to make their own! Item number two: Pretend to be someone else for a day. Can […]

4K CC. Collared Lizards & Cactus Fun with Reptiles, Amphibians USA CA AZ NV UT NM TX Herping HD.

lol omg OK come grab the pole K don’t jerk him don’t jerk him ok Alright We got this little baby Collared Lizard Man he’s feisty He just keeps trying to run for it Alright Yeah He’s a little cute guy Oh oh he’s running away again He’s pretty feisty we’re gonna let him go […]

Grandmothers go underwater to uncover population of lethal sea snakes

Grandmothers are very supportive to me, to my work and I know that they are special. I realise that every day when I meet them and it’s nice to have people that are not scientists to get so much interest in the results of my work.

4K CC. Western Ground Snake, Catching Reptile & Amphibian Pets in AZ CA NV UT Herping HD..

Girl: we got a…so it’s a kingsanke? Kid: It’s a Sonoran Kingsnake…very rare and dad just found him Girl: He’s beautiful Kid: Oh I see why you say they are so beautiful now Girl: We’re out here on the lake and just found a gorgeous snake He has just got crazy colors Guy: he might […]

Free Diving With Swimming Rainbows, Fish & Seals Swimming With Us! Nature, Travel, Fishing, Herping.

Were in La Jolla California right now We came here hoping to see the seals We saw the seals, There right there. We’re gonna go see what kind of fish or skarks or what ever else is in the water Um I’m hoping for some small sharks Not Great Whites The ones that will eat […]