10 Strangest Unsolved Video Game Discoveries – Part IV

Sometimes some things are going on out in the world that make you want to stay inside, only to find something that in a video game that makes you think… It can’t be that bad out there, right? Today, we’re going to be diving into the top 10 strangest video game mysteries and discoveries that […]

Extreme Mystery Neighbor HIDE N SEEK CHALLENGE!

Shocking Large Giant Snakes on Mars Ancient Life Lost Civilization Alien Secrets & Mysteries

hi guys ok this image is in mars rover curiosity oh I gotta sneeze wow oh my goodness mast cam right it’s this image right here that I’m working on I say 1459 and this is the image right here now I took it into Photoshop this is the image and i’m going to show […]

Everquest Mysteries: The Chessboard

I love this giant chessboard! I don’t know how to start this I LOVE THIS GIANT CHESSBOARD! It’s so magical and mysterious; it is the epitome of everything I love about Everquest. Most people probably never gave too much thought to It’s origins, I bet most people just assumed the art team was bored and […]