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Reptil TV – Technik – Holzdeko für Terrarien

Hello ReptilTV community. Today we have another technical episode Although nothing here looks technical at all, and it isn’t. We’ll talk about the decoration and all the wooden items, which you can have in your terrarium. I want to show you the items that are widely available, what they are suitable for and what they […]

Ludo Star Unlimited Gems Hack Working July 2017

Welcome Back to another from Tips And Tricks For All Games today. I’m going to show you I can get you know like 10k or you can say Unlimited gems that you can help you in ludo the star that’s a brand new game And I’m going to show you how you can do it […]

Heart chess episode 3 Movements of some pieces 2

yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah Hello! My name is John. In this video I will continue talking about the movements of the pieces in a heart chess. I will start with a knight. Knight moves horizontally or vertically two squares and one square. I’d like to show it with pegs. It can move […]

Heart chess episode 2 Movements of some pieces 1

yeah yeah Hello! My name is John. Today i will talk about the movements of some pieces in a heart chess. Let’s start with a king. As you know, when you capture the king the game is over. The king can move in any direction one square. here here and here. If there is a […]