Princess Twilight Sparkle My Little Pony Magic the Gathering Commander Deck

Welcome mage I’m Speedy. Today I’m going to show you my “Friendship is Magic” Commander deck with Princess Twilight Sparkle as my commander. This is a hug deck and you can hug your opponents, er,… I mean friends to death. Before we get started, if you want to learn how to play Magic the Gathering […]

Peekaboo Song, Elsa & Anna Play Hide & Seek | Kids Songs & Nursery Rhymes by Little Angel

Deadpool VS Pinkie Pie (Marvel VS My Little Pony) | DEATH BATTLE!

Boomstick: Before we get into the episode, I want to let you know that all of our games are on sale for the holidays. That’s AVGN I & II, Disorder even the all-new Super Rad Raygun. There’s discounts on all available platforms, some up to 80% off. So click the link in the description to […]

Bin Vs. Jon – My Little Pony Chutes & Ladders! Who Will Win?? by Bin’s Toy Bin

>>Jon: Is that how I’m going to look by the end of the game?>>Bin: Yes and that’s how I’m going to look. [Intro Music]>>Jon: Hi everyone it’s Jon>>Bin: And Bin>>Jon: I’m ready for this. I’m ready!>>Bin: It’s Jon VS. Bin!>>Jon: Or Bin VS. Jon!>>Bin: However you want to look at it (Laughs)>>Jon: If you watched […]


Hey guys, it’s Ro! Welcome to another Nerdy Nummies! Today, I’m going to be making something that has been requested forever! And I’m so happy to be finally doing it. I got so many requests for something My Little Pony. So today I’m going to be making rainbow cupcakes and decorating them My Little Pony […]