What is Magic: The Gathering?

Hi, I’m Jimmy. And if you’ve ever wondered What is Magic: The Gathering, then I’m here to answer that. In Magic: The Gathering, you take on the role of a Planeswalker. A powerful mage that collects the magical energy from the land around you and uses that mana to summon mighty creatures. Creatures that fly. […]


Terrible warriors birthed by monstrous minds… When destructive villains and noble heroes clash, who will be left standing when the dust settles? Dragon Ball Super Card Game – Malicious Machinations! A scientist with a heart of gold makes her stand! Bulma! The will to challenge a god! The birth of a being beyond mortal comprehension! […]

Ways to Play Magic: The Gathering

Hey everybody, Jimmy here. Let’s talk about some of the different ways to play Magic: The Gathering and the places you can play them. If you started playing Magic with friends at home around the kitchen table well, that’s how most people start playing Magic. And the rules can be whatever your playgroup decides. Want […]

How to Play Magic: The Gathering

Hi there. Jimmy here to walk you through your first game of Magic: The Gathering. The first thing you’re going to need is a deck. If you don’t have one, see if your local game store has a Welcome Deck. Some stores offer them for free to new players. They come with two 30-card decks […]

How to Build Your First Magic Deck

Hello, I’m Jimmy. And today we’re going to walk through building your first Magic: The Gathering deck. Where do you start? For your very first deck, the best place to start is picking up one of the pre-built Planeswalker decks. Play with it a couple of times on its own. See what it’s capable of […]


What’s in Store: Owning Your Own Local Game Store

Hi Everybody, Maria from Magic The Amateuring here and lots of Magic players dream about one day owning their own local game store. Unlimited Booster Draft! All the sleeves money can buy! Cleaning the toilets? I wanted to know what it was really like to work unbelievably hard, to wake up every morning and walk […]

Tabletop Games

*Morning Mood* Younger James *excessive screaming* I HATE YOUUUU! (bird: what the-!?) Ariana *also excessive screaming*: OH!?! WELL, NEXT TIME, DoN’t StEAL mY MoNOpOlY!!! Mom aka peacemaker: Ariana, give James your $200. You landed on his property. Ariana: NO, HE’S IN JAIL!>:( I’M NOT GONNA GIVE MONEY TO A CRIMINAL! (life lesson here kids) Younger […]