Auto Chess Game Trailer – Oyun Tanıtım


Hey everybody! in this video I am going to share with you guys my best tips and the strategies I have been using to win almost every single game in Chess TD. This is the final synergy that I have been using in all my games in which you can always complete if you follow […]

Guide DotA Auto Chess avec gameplay commenté [ENG SUB]

Hello everyone, and welcome to my Auto Chess guide, there will be other parts as there’s a lot of thing to say First of all, the game is free and available on Steam, you only need DotA The game is played on a board and you are facing against 7 other players Everyone starts at […]

Qiyana Champion Spotlight | Gameplay – League of Legends

Qiyana is an attack damage burst assassin, who wields the environment to demolish any who may threaten her people. Focusing power through her blade the empress of the elements slashes, dashes, and grasses her way to the backline. The boulder the better, this is the Qiyana Champion Spotlight. Qiyana dashes a short distance and pulls […]

Teamfight Tactics and Death Recap | Riot Pls – League of Legends

Hey everyone. Hard to believe but it’s been almost a year since the last Riot Pls video and since then, a lot has happened. We tested our first experimental mode, Nexus Blitz and while it didn’t make the permanent roster, we learned a ton and we’re still looking for modes that could be new, long-term […]