President of the United States Simulator

– [Dunk] Hey guys, in this game you play as the president. There he is now, exiting the White House. – [Michael Wilson] “Ok!” “Let’s PARRRTTTYYY!!!” “Welcome to the White House.” – [Dunk] So, in this game, the vice president is evil. I’m the President, the Vice President is evil. So, in order to save […]

Schachcomputer “Chess Master” – #unboxingDDR (English Subtitles)

The Chess Master is a chess computer. It was designed in the beginning of the 80s. This chess computer is of significant size, it is built with high quality. It was built at VEB Mikroelektronik “Karl Marx”. This is part of the combine Mikroelektronik in Erfurt. Heart of the computer is an 8-bit-chip type U880D. […]