Yale Graduate Takes The SAT As An Adult

-What the [bleep] is a radian!? Oh my god I have to read all this crap?! Here I am, a 30 year old man, walking into a high school. I placed last in my fantasy football league, and my punishment was to take the SATs. I feel like I just got rocked. The punishment kinda […]

Place Value Game | Classroom Activity

– Now this video, we are going to have a look at an activity called place value game. Now the whole idea of this activity is to get students thinking about place value, obviously, but also to be thinking about ascending and descending order of numbers. So let’s cut straight to the intro. Now my […]

Preschoolers can do more math than you think

We looked at how parents teach their preschoolers about math at home. We were particularly interested in looking at three different areas. How parents teach their children about numbers, patterns and space. We also found that overall parents were emphasizing direct instruction of those concepts. As opposed to more informal ways of focusing on numbers. […]

Can 4 Guys Beat A Blindfolded Chess Master? • The Try Guys: 4 Vs. 1

– This is probably the most intense Try Guys video we have ever done. – [Zach] So you’re a chess master, do you think you could beat any of us at chess? – I do. – Not that your cocky but you think you could beat all of us at chess at the same time? […]

How to Make a Neural Network – Intro to Deep Learning #2

How do we learn? Although times may change, some concepts stay the same. Unchanging, information outlasts the body. It’s stored in our brain, but can be passed down from generation to generation. Our brain is capable of synthesizing the diverse set of inputs we call our five senses, and from them, creating a hierarchy of […]

The unexpected math behind Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” – Natalya St. Clair

One of the most remarkable aspects of the human brain is its ability to recognize patterns and describe them. Among the hardest patterns we’ve tried to understand is the concept of turbulent flow in fluid dynamics. The German physicist Werner Heisenberg said, “When I meet God, I’m going to ask him two questions: why relativity […]

Blog Post 1: Textbook Publishing Industry

Okay, I want to give you kind of a simplified view of the textbook industry right now for higher education. Down here we have open-source textbooks, which generally are free; we have books from my company MathTV.com that cost $30 for the eBook for a one-year subscription; and then we have traditional publishers up here […]

Introducing MathMINDs Games: South of the Sahara

At MIND Research Institute, our mission is to ensure that all students are mathematically equipped to solve the world’s most challenging problems. In order for that to happen, we need to create an entire community that supports our students’ development. We invented a new type of gaming experience called storybook board games. Storybook board games […]

Math Games For Kids : The Math Operations Game

In this clip I’m going to show you a fun activity that your kids can do to practice their math operations. First you’ll need a piece of paper and you’ll need to cut it into sections and then on those sections you’ll need to write the numbers zero to nine. Then on some other small […]