Une question à Can Akkuzu : comment te prépares-tu mentalement avant un match ?

MEETING WITH CAN AKKUZU YOUR ROUTINE FOR MENTALLY-PREPARING YOURSELF? I’m a little superstitious I always like to drink the same thing during a match, eat a banana… That’s something I always do during a match. It’s very important to me. It’s a routine I’ve set myself now. There are things I do before a match […]

The biggest snake farming game in the world includes 150 countries in the world including Vietnam

The biggest snake farming game in the world includes 150 countries in the world including Vietnam https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100046648783410

LEC Pop Quiz – Buff / Nerf / Remove

Pop Quiz. I can’t wait. Buff, nerf, remove. Buff Zed. Maybe Zed, I think. I think he’s still pretty fine, but he could use some help. Buff Zed for sure. I want Xerath buffed. Champions like Xerath, for me, are one of the most skilled champions in the game to play, so I really like […]

3 BUNDESLIGA | Adrian Więcek vs Nicholas Tio | #tabletennisexperts

You will see the German League 3 match for the first time on the Table Tennis Experts channel. Remember to subscribe and leave “like it” if you want to watch such material more often Adrian Więcek at the table and American Chinese Nicholas Teo teams with these players are struggling to maintain SV Siek is […]

Pongfinity’s Miikka vs Otto

What’s up guys! We are Pongfinity We have hit 300k subscribers So it’s time for me and Otto To play a one set match! This should be an interesting one. Do we have a yellow card here? I would give him a yellow card. That will be a yellow card! Good serve! Don’t give me […]

Dae Tries to Match the Job to the Person | Lineup | Cut

– Long, longs. Longs horeman. Longs, longs, longshoreman. Longshoreman. – [Host] Longshoreman. – What the fuck is that? (“In the Hall of the Mountain King”) – [Host] Hey, do you have a job? – Yeah. – [Host] What do you do? – Work here. – [Host] I know, what do you do here? – I […]

Pawn Structures Explained by GM Yasser Seirawan

When the first part was to get you to understand that, it’s through the control of space that we know what the material count is worth. The idea of space is this is 64 square board like the board I have in front of me, 64 square board, I own 32 squares. They are my […]

The Chess Elements Explained by GM Yasser Seirawan

Hello, everyone, and welcome to something very, very different. I’m gonna be your host, Chess Grandmaster Yasser Seirawan for the next 40 minutes, 60 minutes. I’m gonna do an online lesson, something that, well, maybe is very unusual for Chessbrah. So as we begin our, let’s say, lesson today, one of the things I think […]

(ENG) [무림탁구왕] 탁쳐팀 2승의 문턱에서 만난 역대급! 탁구클럽! (이명재탁구클럽편)

[Let’s win twice in a row!] [We arrived at the fifth venue, Lee Myung-Jae Table Tennis Center!] [It’s been a while after My Boss, My Table Tennis!] [Instead of Ha-young, we have reinforced player, Jae-hyun!] [The figure of the director…!] [The real battle of 3 on 3 unfolds today again!] [Reliable!] [A powerful smash to […]