MY INTERN ALMOST MAKES ME LOSE TO A 900 | GM Aman Hambleton (ft. Mike)

[Mike] Ooh it’s on our side, all right. We got four plus three fans time format. Let’s see what you got, you Canadian. That’s what we like to see on stream. All right, all right. I can play this. I don’t have a very large opening repertoire maybe up to here and that’s about where […]

Dos D’ane / Dos D’ane… par Maido – Taibit – Les Makes – st Leu … (parapente Reunion island)

You’re paragliding too, right? Ah yes you do paragliding, that’s for sure You are crazy It’s crazy as the other says, I do not know if I would have better See you soon Go, Let’go … Take Off (Dos D’âne) 880m “Maïdo” Take off (2000m) Close to “La Glaciere” “Taïbit” Pass The exit “Bellevue River” […]