Can an 80s computer beat a new one at Chess?! Amiga vs Mac ♟🕹️ 1987 vs 2020

What? I was not expecting that! Wow. WOW. Yeah. Oh hello, chip dippers. Welcome to Retro Recipes now. I had a lot of fun with that recent video. Which is faster Commodore 64 or a MacBook Pro? and the other day we were watching one of our favorite movies War Games for about the 64th […]


Man. Judging from the reaction to my Huge-Freaking-Shaymin Award-winning coverage of the Game Boy Color version of the Pokémon Trading Card game, you folks were kinda hungry for a proper follow-up. Well, here’s… this thing. It’s an online client for the Pokémon TCG that actually runs on cards obtained in real-life booster packs. Me, would […]

Is The Snake Gun Legend Alive? – TGC News!

This week on TGC News, Big Bores from Savage, Slightly small bores from Mossberg, Things to go down the bore from Federal, Revolving things from Colt, and other stuff, yes even other stuff! Welcome back to another episode of TGC News, the only gun news show that covers things you actually care about, my name […]

Townsville snake catcher demolishes family’s laundry to find Coastal Taipan

a Snake catcher from Townsville has Painstakingly demolished a family’s laundry over two days to rescue a Taipan hiding inside the wall cavity Joe Mack told oh he was called to the property after the owners went to put on a load of washing and Spotted the Taipan hiding in the dark laundry the […]

Which Celebrity Has The Best Mac ‘N’ Cheese Recipe?

(upbeat music) – Hey everyone, my name is Jesse. And today I’m gonna be testing four famous celebrity mac and cheese recipes to see which one is actually the best. I’ll be testing recipes from Patti LaBelle, Gordon Ramsay, Khloe Kardashian and I even have one from Rihanna. I measure everything up, how the recipe […]

Play Chess On Your Mac (#1409)

Hi, this is Gary with Did you know that a chess game comes with your Mac and it has for a long time. You can find it in the Applications folder, it’s right there, or just launch it with Spotlight by using Command space and typing chess. It’s a pretty versatile app. It asks […]