🔴 MUST WATCH: Indian INVENTIONS and DISCOVERIES That You Won’t Believe Are TRUE!

everything you see around you, was either invented or discovered by someone in some part of this world and without these inventions and discoveries our world would not have been the one we witness today and while the mainstream media actively highlights only one side of the story like nearly half of Indians living in […]

(নতুন লুডু অ্যাপ) লুডু গেম খেলে টাকা ইনকাম করুন | লুডু খেলে টাকা আয় | Dream Ludo App Review | ₹507

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FLIPGIRL 🚗 The Dangerous Road To Internet Fame | #CONTENTtvshow (ep1)

You got this, you got this. You look great, you look great. Uuuurrrgghh… I need to get my f**king teeth whitened. # Too much about our love. # Our love is not enough. # My boyfriend wants to talk. # You know I really think we’ve gotta go over a couple of things today. # […]

[bibliopi] Les trucs de Ludo et Marie / Episode#2 Réalité Virtuelle (VR)

Ludo : Bonjour ! Marie : Coucou ! Ludo : Coucou ! Marie : Bonjour ! Marie : Haha Ludo : Il aurait mieux fallu qu’on dise en premier… Marie : On a fait l’inverse ! Ludo : Haha Bienvenue dans notre émission “Les trucs de Ludo et Marie” numéro 2 ! Sur quel thème […]


Tu nunca oiras esta cancion Tu nunca veras la pelicula en mi cabeza Pero tu infestas mi sueño Y tu figura se arrastra A traves de mis paredes Y tararea sobre mi cama Me se tu nombre Y que eres fotogenica y alta Pero nunca te eh oido hablar Y hay algo sobre ti Que […]

LUDO | Short Film by Ishan Jain | OCD FILMS

So it has come this far. There’s no need to overreact. Shit happens. Move on. Yeah.. That’s what I was.. Sssshhhh (Interrupts) Don’t you say a word. Why? Why shouldn’t I? Because betrayal doesn’t have an answer. Betrayal? Yes. And it’s worse when it comes from someone close. [Accusing tone] You guys are best friends […]

Cute Kitty Grows To World’S Biggest Domestic Cat!

Is that photoshopped? That can’t be real! These are questions commonly posed to StephyHirst of Melbourne, Australia, who is the the owner of Omar. Omar is a Maine Coon, a breed of domestic cat known for growing especially large. In fact the current world-record holder for the world’s longest domestic cat is also a Maine-Coon […]

Sheila évoque la mort de son fils : «Ludo n’a pas rencontré les bonnes personnes »

Sheila évoque la mort de son fils : «Ludo n’a pas rencontré les bonnes personnes » Sheila s’est longuement livrée lors d’un entretien accordé à Paris Match, occasion de régler ses comptes avec la compagne de son fils, Ludovic Chancel, Sylvie Ortega Munoz. La chanteuse laisse entendre que son fils a été négativement influencée par […]

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Recette Facile du FRAISIER ultra Gourmand

Hi everyone, Ludo here! Welcome to my channel, Pastry Freak! Today, we’re making the perfect cake for spring and early summer, since the strawberry season is in full bloom. We’re making a fraisier cake! Super tasty and super hearty. I do love it and I’ll give you all the keys to make yours. Ready? Let’s […]