Champions in Season 2020 | Dev Video – League of Legends

I’m Ryan “Reav3” Mireles, the Lead Producer on the Champions Team at Riot and I wanted to talk a little about our plans for 2020. We will be kicking off the year with Sett, The Boss. Sett is a new Juggernaut releasing today. He is a bad boy from the Ionian underground, but don’t tell […]


Welcome to the third edition of Giants Gaming House Quiz Denyk Are you ready? Yes, of course As a player I think he is like… Our father… Our freaking father to be honest The typical that is always saying guys… Focus, be serious On a personal level i believe he is a A great human […]

The Sea Snake

♪♪ [sigh]The situation is dire.I know I have enemies in the Senate.But which are friend and which are foe?I cannot say.I have been told of a certain sea snake which has a very unusual method of attracting its prey. It will lie at the bottom of the ocean as if wounded,then its enemies will approachand […]

The Gaming House Quiz #5 | Deadly

Welcome to the last edition of Giants Gaming House Quiz Deadly Are you ready? No Deadly on a personal level is a person that… like… its really funny, because i said about everyone, but he is so caring for example if he sees you are not ok he will go to you and he will […]


Welcome to Giants Gaming House Quiz Razork Will you try to win the prize we have for you? Lets see how it goes, yes. Well, Razork i think he is a boy that really loves what he is doing right now Like Playing League, and he enjoys it a lot And i also think he […]

Board Game Lovers Play The Trump Board Game

– So yeah, my roommate just walked out and saw us playing Trump’s board game, and I’m not sure that I feel good about it. This is for a BuzzFeed video. – Nice. (laughs) – We’re all coworkers at BuzzFeed. – We’re friends. Sometimes… – That’s what it is. – That’s what we are. The […]

SNG vs Snake – Game 3 | SofM được phép chơi hổ báo và cướp rừng | LPL 04.03.2018

Snake vs TOP – Ván 2 | MVP cho SofM mới đúng | LPL 11/3/2018

SNG vs Snake – Game 1 | SofM có MVP thứ 6 | 04.03.2018


Hey everybody! in this video I am going to share with you guys my best tips and the strategies I have been using to win almost every single game in Chess TD. This is the final synergy that I have been using in all my games in which you can always complete if you follow […]