Laser Tag

Everyone, shut up and look at this video! *Gabe the Dog singing Tetris theme* *Inhale* *Exhale* I love the internet. *Gasp* Gabe the Dog is a rescue! Aw! Side question, do you think Arthur Schawlow noble prize winner and inventor of the laser in 1957 would enjoy playing a round of laser tag? Something that, […]

LEC Pop Quiz – Removed Items

– So I’m gonna give you some items that were removed from the game. Okay. – And you need to tell me what they were called. Okay. Oh, this is- No, okay! Okay, this is hard. I don’t, like- Ooh! – I know you’ve played League for awhile. Okay, I pretty much know all of […]

Gwent – CaglarYilmazz Clickbait Disclosure / İfşa

I will tell calmly but this has to be disclosed it’s not a nice situation. so we do work here, but I feel like we are wasting our time. we try to help as much as we can. There are also people who make clickbait like this. sI do not know the person. as far […]

Janna Top New Meta?! | #LEC Newsflash Week 7

How do you do fellow kids? Ender here, back with a new episode of Newsflash. Week 7 was all about the playoff race for the top six beginning to shape up. So let’s dive in. Newsflash All eyes were on G2 this week as they took on both Origen and Fnatic. And after slipping up […]

LEC Pop Quiz – 15 Second Challenge

Next we’re going to do a 15 second challenge. Oh what a challenge. LEC POP QUIZ 15 SECOND CHALLENGE I want you to give me champions that start with the letter “T”. Go. What? Is there even any champion beginning with “T”? Uhh… Tryndamere! Umm… Tryndamere… and Tryndamere, I don’t know. Okay, you have Tahm […]

#LEC Match of the Week: Fnatic vs G2 Esports

To revel in glory while being on top? That’s easy. Nobody is immortal. No one is unbeatable, and eventually… Even the best fall. Staying at the top? That’s much harder. When you lead the pack, everyone is your enemy, and whether you like it or not, you’ve got a target on your back. It might […]

LEC Pop Quiz – Lightning Round

Can you do me and favor and just clap once in front of your face. Oh that was like, not a very good clap. It was a pretty pathetic clap actually. I don’t usually clap. It’s more for… Caps does the clapping thing, like in front of the camera. We’re going to do a lightning […]

Lily and Michael Played Hide n Seek | HILLAROUS JOKE | Lily’s Amumu Impression |OfflineTV Highlights

So it nocturne min I’ve seen that yeah, I know I hate that actually Yeah, I know it’s Because I got my white knight jungler healthy Yes, exactly, yeah. Yeah, then you’re gonna wish you didn’t commit That is interesting we’ll come back to that on my stream. Let’s talk about how I can access […]

One Man Hide and Seek – The Devastating Reality

It’s a sad day for what’s up gumby. As you guys know, we have, well, had a friend named Colin. That we used to make movies with. but he’s since gone missing. We’ve tried calling him, texting him, talking to his parents, calling the police, we filed a police report, no one knows where he […]

LEC Pop Quiz – Buff / Nerf / Remove

Pop Quiz. I can’t wait. Buff, nerf, remove. Buff Zed. Maybe Zed, I think. I think he’s still pretty fine, but he could use some help. Buff Zed for sure. I want Xerath buffed. Champions like Xerath, for me, are one of the most skilled champions in the game to play, so I really like […]