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Kashmiri Gameplay of Fidget Baba – A Game From Kashmir

May peace be upon you viewers. This is Fidget Baba, a game from TechKasheer. My name is Mushafiq and I’m the Developer of this game. Now I’ll tell you about this game. This game is very easy, You have to spin the fidget by swiping on your screen. and it will calculate the no. of […]


Hey everybody, welcome to my Sims 4 Legacy Challenge. Um, I will be doing this challenge hopefully until the end and I’ll be recording it…um, I’ve never done a recording of my sims challenges before but I’ve done the legacy challenge before in um, Sims 3. Uh, I made it about halfway through that but […]

Junk food for your cat | Jackie Pirico

Do you guys know the product Meow Mix? Do you know that product Meow Mix? Yeah, you know it’s a, uh – a cat food? For your pet? A Meow Mi– a supper for your cat? Meow Mix? At the grocer’s? Well anyway, I see the commercial for Meow Mix… In case you guys don’t […]