The Game of Smells – Ten Minute Power Hour

(Intro Music) Arin: Rubber baby buggy bumpers. Dan: Red leather, yellow leathe- that one’s really hard for me. Arin: Red leather, yellow leather. Dan: You can do it huh? Arin: Red leather, yellow leather. Red leather, yellow leather. Dan: Red leather, yellow lea- *gibberish* Dan: Red leather, yellow leather – it’s really hard. Dan: Red […]

Gamers DDotty & Suhyen reveal their Table Tennis Skills in Epic Battle | Gamers Vs.

Where are you two headed? We’re going to play table tennis. Victory – Korea! I’m keeping it secret who we’re playing table tennis with. Who are we playing table tennis with? (GAMERS VS) (SELECT DIFFICULTY LEVEL – EASY, MEDIUM, OLYMPIC) (LOADING…) (WE CHALLENGE TOP GAMERS (TO TRY SPORTS (WITH OLYMPIANS) (GAMERS VS) (PLAYER 1 – […]


What’s going on? We welcome to another video. My name is aldo. This is all those [worlds] of [you] today We’re going to be [doing] that one man. Hi didn’t see challenge at a haunted house This is my friend’s house chef the savage ship guide He did a video on his channel link is […]

王欣晨 Amanda【Hide and Seek】Official Music Video

Wake up, with a drink in hand Look up, lying in the sand I wish, you could be my man But for now this will do I know, he’s a perfect ten I know, I’m falling for him Oh no, here we go again Summer love with you Boy boy boy boy but I’m not […]

What would you change about your body? | Keep it 100 | Cut

– [Interviewer] What would you change about your body? – My penis. I get a pizza stick or like– and I’m just like “Damn, if I can just be this long, I would be–it would just be a wrap”. Then I eat it, then I’m like, “Oh, this is what size I am.” (upbeat electronic […]

How to Talk About Your Free Time and Hobbies in English – Spoken English Lesson

Hello, I’m Oli. Welcome to Oxford Online English! In this lesson, you can learn about how to talk about your free time and hobbies in English. What do you like doing in your free time? Do you have any interesting hobbies? Talking about your free time is a great way to start a conversation in […]

How To Go On A Date

Yeah, I got set up with a blind date. Oh, I hope he’s cute! I think this is his place. Okay, I’m gonna call you back. Okay. Bye. Oh my god Welcome to my humble a la mode Okay, where are you taking us? This is it Great Wow, what a gentleman. Anything for you […]


I’m gonna have to go to the lovely lady. Yay! Thank you 🙂 When do I start? Er, we actually just closed down. We just went out of business. I’ll tell you what I want what I really really want. Wait what do you want, what do really really want? To play some games with […]

[BETA VIDEO] GWENT: The Witcher Card Game | New game mode teaser

I’ve always felt like arena mode would be a great addition. Hopefully it will be implemented really soon so we can just play it, play it! I wish they just said like “yeah, we’re working on a draft mode, it will be out probably about February”. COMING SOON Watch the stream tomorrow at 9PM CET […]

BLACKPINK Play ‘How Well Do You Know Your Bandmates?’ | Billboard

– Hi. We’re Blackpink and we’re gonna find out how well we know our bandmates. (“DDU-DU DDU-DU” by Blackpink) (counting in Korean language) – Ah. – Oh! – Yay! – Because, but there’s a reason. (laughing) There’s a reason why it’s these two. – Oh, it’s you and me. – Yeah! – Yay! – Because […]