Our Love Inspired Me to Come Out to My Family | {THE AND} Whitney & Jade

– How do you think your parents would react if you brought me home as your partner? (laughs) – (laughs) My god! – That’s funny. – Wow! – That, I was not expecting that. (sound of cards shuffling) (sound of mouse clicking) – When you think about the first time we met, what do you […]

I’m Afraid of You Being Murdered | {THE AND} Sir & B Hawk

(cards shuffling) (mouse clicking) – (laughs) Do your best impression of me. We’re both gonna do this, so yeah. – [B. Hawk] Best impression. – [Sir] Go ahead! Go ahead! – [B. Hawk] (laughs) – [Sir] Go ahead! – Hey, so what’s up? My name is Sir of Black Trans TV, and I just hope […]

Do You Know Video Games Better Than Jenn McAllister? | MTV Access

– I didn’t study. Hi, I’m Jenn McAllister, I’m about to take a pop quiz. I have no idea what it’s about so this could be interesting, let’s do it. I have major test anxiety right now. Video games, oh no. Okay listen, I could be good at this and I could also be awful […]

Cameron Boyce & Booboo Stewart Play the Descendants Name Game | Oh My Disney

Hey guys, I’m Cameron Boyce. I’m Booboo Stewart. We’re about to play the Oh My Disney– VK game– –name game. [laughing] I think I got it. [laughing] Scar. I’d have to say…Scab. Oh, goodie. Scarlette…for a girl and uh…Scott. [laughing] That’s so boring. Well, forgive me for not leaping for joy. Queen of Hearts. I’d […]


all right let’s do this playlists come huffing it wait that’s not the right one there’s gonna be weird we’re gonna be pretty much this far apart when we live together but like well I justit’s ever heard she did quite have to be in the same party because we can’t talk through loss why […]

WHAT RIVAL AM I? | Yandere Simulator Quiz

Hey guys, so today is a very important day, today is going to be the day that I find out what rival I am in Yandere Simulator. I honestly don’t know who my favorite rival is. I like them all, so this might help me try to narrow it down, and see which rival is […]

Blind Date (Dan Rue & Briana King) | Truth or Drink | Cut

– Grade yourself in bed on a scale of one to 10 and why. – Oh 10. I do fucking yoga. – Okay. Holy shit. (symphonic music) – [Interviewer] Hi. – Hi – [Interviewer] Who are you? – I’m Briana King. – [Interviewer] Are you single? – I am so single, I’m very single. – […]

The 40 Year Old Virgin (1/8) Movie CLIP – Are You a Virgin? (2005) HD

l dated this girl… for a while, and she was really a nasty freak. She iust loved to get down with sex all the time. She was like, any time of day, she was like: ”Yeah, let’s go. l’m so nasty.” And l’d be nailing her. Oh, shit. She’d be like: ”Oh, you’re nailing me. […]