More SPEED and SPIN using proper weight transfer (Secrets from the Bundesliga)

I think what is quite important and which enables you to go faster on the ball is transfer of weight. It means your hip has to work and you have to transfer the weight permanently from right to the left leg depending if you play forehand or backhand. For example if I permanently transfer the […]


Due to the much anticipated Mayweather Pacquiao Fight I’m gonna teach you this card game So, Let’s Get Ready To Rumble!!!! Welcome to Bored Games, I’m Alberto. I’m not gonna teach you how to Jab or uppercut But I’ll teach you some boxing…the card game It doesn’t really require much skill, but it’s pretty fun […]

Why you need to RELAX when playing table tennis (Secrets from the Bundesliga)

Many people which are playing table tennis amateur or half professional they are forgetting to relax during the playing. They start to be too stiff in the body. They are too stiff in the underarm. We cannot forget the ball is only 2.7 grams. We don’t need unbelievable lot of power to put ball over […]

It’s Friday the 13th and Mr Duncan is out and about with another live English lesson

hey there or should I say ‘hay there’ hi everybody this is mr. Duncan in England how are you today are you okay I hope so are you happy I hope you’re happy I’m not too bad I’m a little exhausted because I’m currently taking a walk in the countryside and I couldn’t resist saying […]

Chess Candidates 2014 – Day 2 – The Redemption of Aronian

Hello everybody, it’s jrobi! We have had a HUGE huge day the Chess Candidates 2014, we are going to be taking a look at 3 games today, we have had 3 victors coming out of day 2! And the first game we are going to take a look at quickly here is Kramnik versus Karjakin. […]

How to Take Great Notes – Study Tips – How to be a Great Student – Cornell Notes

Hello my Socratica friends! We’re here to help you be a great student. Today we’re going to demonstrate a technique for note-taking called “The Cornell Method.” This method will help you take fast, efficient notes in class, plus it organizes your notes to make reviewing easier. You can also use this technique to take notes […]

The Feynman Technique

Feynman learning technique is effective full learning something new deepen your understanding of what you already know or helping you study for an exam the first step is to pick a topic you want to understand and start studying it. once you know what it is about take a piece of paper and write about […]

Newton’s First Law of Motion | #aumsum

Newton’s First Law of Motion Sir Issac Newton was one of the greatest influential scientists of all time. He formulated the 3 laws of motion. First law of motion. An object will continue to remain at rest or uniform motion unless acted upon by an external unbalanced force. Unbalanced force. These balls are at rest. […]

Grandmaster Chess Blunders #1: Can you spot the mistake?

Hello everybody it is jrobi. I wanted to do kind of a fun video series here, get it started off. I’m going to put these out here once in a while. And it is going to focus on trying to find the mistakes that Grandmasters have made in the past. And thankfully they make mistakes, […]

Genki English Awesome Teacher’s Set: Digital Flashcards, Songs & Games

Hi guys how you doing? I’m Richard from and i’m just going to show you today the Genki English software So this is actually the download pack I’ve got here and you can select all the volumes (no real life CDs anymore!) It’s all digital now! So basically you choose a volume that you […]