Bhangra & Ballet | Dance Video | Indian Folk Dance | Indian Culture | Jalebi Street

Jalebi Street, Jalebi Street Come play with us on, Jalebi Street Bangra and Ballet The children are all in school this morning Children, this is Jojo. You’re new dance coach Good morning, sir Hi kids, I am so excited. Bruhh! Yey! Oo! What’s going on? Now, can anyone show me some dance moves? I will […]

The Rakhi Connection | Raksha Bandhan Story | Learning Video For Kids | Jalebi Street | Full Episode

The Rakhi connection It’s playtime on Jalebi Street I am going higher than you Ok. Wait a minute. Let me try too Bubble and Naaz have just learn how to swing by themselves Naaz look at me. Now I am higher Bubbles please swing me Not now Krish, we are swinging too fast Swing me […]

The One Leg Hop | Langdi Game | Outdoor Games For Kids | Jalebi Street | Full Episode

The one leg hop This isn’t Jalebi Street what’s happening? Oh Bunny is playing a video game Bunny it’s 5 0 clock outdoor playtime Bunny time to go out and play But Mummy play the same boring game this is much better Playing outdoors gives you sunlight no sunlight means no vitamin D yeah and […]

Traditional Clothes | Indian Culture & Tradition For Kids | Jalebi Street | Full Episode

there are some fun plans being made on jalebi Street today three two and one your turn div div your turn div…. what are you doing? mummy ask me to choose a design I love for the traditional party she will make it for me divs mummy is a fashion designer she designs really cool […]

Republic Day | How To Salute | Motivational Stories For kids | Jalebi Street | Full Episode

Jalebi Street, Jalebi Street Come play with us on Jalebi Street Republic Day Jalebi Street looks happy this morning Here I come. Ice-cream. Woohoo! Bubble, Bubble What’s happening? Kids, it’s time for school School time, kids Bubble, on the double! Krrish, time to swish! Mumma, you took me away from my ice-cream swim We don’t […]

The Car & The Carrom Board | Inspirational Stories For Kids | Indian Games I Jalebi Street

The Car and the Carromboard what’s happening on Jalebi Street today Maybe Maybe NO Maybe Maybe Are you guys coping me why are you making such funny sound because I can’t decide which color to order a new car in. New car New car New car. A new car? Wow ! Can I have a […]