Tactics: Double Attack

There’s a lot more going on here than you might think. Today we’re gonna talk about double attacks. It’s like two for the price of one! And I bet your parents are all about some sales. In this position White could, of course, just capture this pawn and that would be great, but we’re going […]

Hanging Pieces!

Now that we know the basics of the opening it’s time to start talking about tactics. Tactic is a fancy word for “trick” and the simplest trick, the most common one, the one you absolutely have to know, is “Hanging Pieces”. Well, what’s a hanging piece? That’s a piece that can just be captured for […]

Meet the Bishops!

Now that we’ve learned the rook I think it’s time we double your knowledge don’t you? Let’s learn our second piece, which is the bishop. A lot of kids think the bishop has his mouth open because he’s ready to eat some pieces. Before we can do some eating we have to set the table […]

Special Pawns!

Wait, what’s this? Another endgame? But, I keep taking away big pieces? That’s right! We’ve learned the “King and Queen Mate”. We’ve learned the “Rook Roller Mate”. But would you believe you could checkmate with just a pawn? In some ways at the end of the game a pawn is even better than a bishop […]

Meet the Rook!

Are you wondering why chess is more exciting than checkers? Well for one thing some of the chess pieces can move a lot farther than they can in checkers. Today, you get to be a rook! “But wait a minute I want to be a fireman!” Ok, ok, you can be a fireman later in […]

Escola Xadrez Ourense – “Chess in English” – The pawns

hello welcome to xadrezourense.com I am David González Gándara and this is a Chess in English lesson today we are going to learn how to move the pawns the pawn is this piece here this is a white pawn and each player has eight pawns the first move that a pawn can make it can […]

Learn How to Play Chess from a Master

Hi everyone, it’s Jerry. This is a video for those of you who don’t know how to play chess, but would like to learn. Everything you see listed here is what’ll be covered. In the end if you find this video as a good source for learning, maybe you can pass it along to another […]