Sett Champion Spotlight | Gameplay – League of Legends

Sett is the Boss: a self-made, half-Vastayan, half-Noxian entrepreneur and fighter running Ionia’s underground fighting pits. Not one to beat around the bush, Sett takes matters into his own hands, relying on his fists to get ahead and get the job done. Sett’s get ready to Rumble!!! Welcome to the Sett Champion Spotlight. Sett’s got […]

Beta Season and Beyond: Legends of Runeterra in 2020

Hi, I’m Jeff. I’m Andrew. And we’re here to talk about Legends of Runeterra, the new strategy card game set in the League of Legends universe. We’re working to get Legends of Runeterra on both PC and mobile in the first half of 2020, and it’s shaping up to be a big first year. Today, […]

Champions in Season 2020 | Dev Video – League of Legends

I’m Ryan “Reav3” Mireles, the Lead Producer on the Champions Team at Riot and I wanted to talk a little about our plans for 2020. We will be kicking off the year with Sett, The Boss. Sett is a new Juggernaut releasing today. He is a bad boy from the Ionian underground, but don’t tell […]


Welcome to the third edition of Giants Gaming House Quiz Denyk Are you ready? Yes, of course As a player I think he is like… Our father… Our freaking father to be honest The typical that is always saying guys… Focus, be serious On a personal level i believe he is a A great human […]

There’s a League Of Legends Card Game now | Legends Of Runeterra Impressions

Card games! Digital online card games! Can’t get enough of them! There aren’t enough! Rain them down on me like a stack of cash, but if the money was digital cardstock with art and attack scores on them! F**king hell, there are so many of th– In all my time writing, talking, and gesticulating about […]

The Gaming House Quiz #5 | Deadly

Welcome to the last edition of Giants Gaming House Quiz Deadly Are you ready? No Deadly on a personal level is a person that… like… its really funny, because i said about everyone, but he is so caring for example if he sees you are not ok he will go to you and he will […]


Welcome to Giants Gaming House Quiz Razork Will you try to win the prize we have for you? Lets see how it goes, yes. Well, Razork i think he is a boy that really loves what he is doing right now Like Playing League, and he enjoys it a lot And i also think he […]

Güncelleme Öncesi Son Video Harika Oyun #lol auto chess


Hey everybody! in this video I am going to share with you guys my best tips and the strategies I have been using to win almost every single game in Chess TD. This is the final synergy that I have been using in all my games in which you can always complete if you follow […]

Senna: Dark Passage | Champion Teaser – League of Legends

It ends now.