Tsuro – Playthrough

Hello! Welcome to Dibs On Blue. My name is Stephanie (Stephanie), and here’s my friend Bethany (Bethany). B: Hi! S: Today we are playing this game Tsuro. Really good game. Alright, ready? B: Ready. S: Oh! If you have no idea how to play this game, it’s totally fine, go ahead and watch… I already […]

Codenames – Playthrough

Hi! Welcome to Dibs On Blue. My name is Stephanie and this is my good friend Bethany. That’s her sign name. Bethany: Hi! Stephanie: My sign name is this. Ok so today we’re playing Codenames, but it’s just the two of us playing this, so, um it’s not a group setting so there’s different rules […]

Is Language a Virus? Starring Punished “Venom” Snake | Idea Channel | PBS Digital Studios

Here’s an idea. Your language is your homeland. Also bet you can’t see me. This episode of Idea Channel is brought to you by Dropbox. “Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain,” which is the 22nd entry into the metal gear series of action adventure stealth games created by famed video games skipper Hideo Kojima […]

The Snake Catchers of Bangkok

(Phinyo speaks in foreign language) (intense music) (upbeat music) (Phinyo speaks in foreign language) – [Narrator] When Phinyo started as a firefighter back in 1989, the majority of his job was focused on fire rescue. However, in recent years, his job has expanded. (Phinyo speaks in foreign language) In recent years, new houses in Bangkok […]

Sentence Structure in the Active Voice

One morning, I shot an elephant in my pyjamas. How he got in my pyjamas, I don’t know. Hello everybody. The joke about shooting an elephant in your pyjamas is a great example of what can go wrong when you don’t follow the simple rules of English language sentence structure and in this video we’re […]

Learning by Playing Spielend lernen Mensch Ärgere dich nicht Ludo SUBTITLED

Hello and welcome on my channel. With me you can learn German and in this video I’ll show you how in German “Ludo not” play can. Or how to say also in German may, “LUDO”. So, before you, you see already the game board. The whole here is the game board. These are the starting […]

Quill vs the robot snake! | Moss | Part 4

Hello everyone. My name is Crow_Se7en. Welcome back to Moss. Let’s continue this game Ok, it’s time to kill the robots The lever is over there That’s a hard one Looks like we’re in the bar Look, the stairs Let’s go over there Oh, I know where I should put these pieces! Let’s go Now, […]

8 Intelligences: Are You a Jack of All Trades or a Master of One? | Best of ’16

Currently I think there are eight intelligences that I’m very confident about and a few more that I’ve bene thinking about. I’ll share that with our audience. The first two intelligences are the ones which IQ tests and other kind of standardized tests valorize and as long as we know there are only two out […]

The Zipf Mystery

Hey, Vsauce. Michael here. About 6 percent of everything you say and read and write is the “the” – is the most used word in the English language. About one out of every 16 words we encounter on a daily basis is “the.” The top 20 most common English words in order are “the,” “of,” […]