Metal Gear Dies

Holy shit! This game is bad. Metal Gear Solid is probably the most consistent video game series. Period. Metal Gear 1 – sneaking around snowy Shadow Moses… Number 2 – you have the tanker. You have the Dr. Octopus as the president and that apeshit ending. Snake Eater – the jungle setting. You have the […]

Snake and Ghost After Dentist

Location: Classified Snake and Ghost were captured by a war criminal known as “The Dentist.” Foxhound has launched a rescue mission. Thank god, they made it. Come on, come on! I’ve got you covered. Hurry up, get him in there! Package is secure, we got them. Alright, we’re in! Ghost, Snake, are you alright? I […]

Metal Gear Solid V: Solid Snake vs Sniper Wolf (Mod)

*Echoing MGS1 Music* *Gunshot* *Echoing MGS1 Music ends* *Miller* It’s over. Good. *Ocelot* That was your call. I just hope you won’t regret it. *MGS1 Music comes back* *Otacon, echoing* Snake! What was she fighting for? What am I fighting for? What are you fighting for? *Snake, echoing* If we make it through this, I’ll […]

“Solid Snake Wants to buy a Sniper Rifle” – ICEnJAM Animated [SFM 4K]

Gun Store: Firearms **** May I help you Hey! Gun Store: What’s going on? Can you hear me? Gun Store: Yeah I can hear you Where can I find a Sniper Rifle? Gun Store: Where can you find a Sniper Rifle? Yeah… Gun Store: Yeah we have a couple here Okay. Where can I find […]

САЛЛАХ 97 ты мне НУЖЕН | Liverpool Club Selection | PES 20 Mobile

привет привет привет песеры с вами морж и блин по-моему это счастье хэллоуин в fis первый раз такое за три года никогда не какие праздники konami нам не праздновала кроме нового года она вообще ничего не замечала я неимоверно рад вот этому сообщению допустили события банальная да можно было бы придумать что-то поинтересней но реально […]


привет привет привет песеры с вами морж я сам пока не понимаю что это такое но факт захожу в контакт с утра пишет мне мой друг евгений говорит можешь блин там онлайн event нас в игре какой нахрен онлайн event никто не говорил никто ничего не объявлял захожу действительно онлайн event выберите один из четырех […]

CGRundertow METAL GEAR SOLID: SNAKE EATER 3D for Nintendo 3DS Video Game Review

Youíll have to pardon my lack of enthusiasm here. Because itís not at all about the quality of this game. Iím not telling you this is a bad video gameóalthough I have a slight argument over the application of the term video game. This is more like a video. Stop there, and youíd be more […]


Video game hero, he is the legendary soldier of the Metal Gear saga, badass spy and is incontestably the most charismatic and most marking character in the world of video games. Hi everyone it’s Ico, and today you chose to focus the spotlights on Solid Snake. So, I jus want to warn you right away, […]