Death Wish – Party Card Game

Look’s like we’ve got another one Let’s see what they’ve caught Mad own disease Let’s see how he caught it then Just that I thought Licked an armpit Let’s see how he suffered *struggles” Meat cravings Rectal rashes Nightmares Looks like we’ve got to clean this stuff up then Hi Guys, my name is Jason […]

Statecraft – the Political Card Game

This is my strategy This is how I’m going to win My political alignment is shown here The preferences of my supporters come first Confidence will consolidate my government This tracks my expenditure Careful budgeting and the right policy choices will allow me to win all 6 voters before my opposition I will make sure […]

The Girl and the Robot – The Card Game Trailer

Once upon a time a little girl was imprisoned inside a cursed castle ruled by a mysterious evil queen. While trying to escape she encountered a robot that decided to help her. Together they faced many challenges that tested the strength of their new found friendship. Welcome to the world of the Girl and the […]


Hey! What time is it?! It’s MUFFIN TIME! Hahaha- Time of death: Muffin Time. [heart rate monitor flatlines] Wait what? [funky theme music] Narrator: Muffin Time is a card game. It’s kind of like a sexy horse… Except it’s a bit shorter; it’s perfectly square; and it’s a card game. [crowd “ooooh!”s] Narrator: You win […]

Ravine – A Crafty & Cooperative Card Game

Ladies and gentlemen, the captain has turned on the fasten seatbelt sign. We’re currently experiencing a loss of altitude, and we’ll be making an unscheduled landing at a crafty and cooperative survival card game. On behalf of all of us here at Treetop Airlines, welcome to Ravine. In the event of a Ravine landing, you […]

Weekly Kickstarter Boardgame News – KW30

Welcome to WKBN! Today, we’d like to present you three wonderful new games from Kickstarter And all of these have something in common We like them! At first there’s “Near and far” “Near and Far” is made by Ryan Laukat and is the inofficial successor of Above and Below The game just came to Kickstarter […]

90 Second Nerd Recitation: The Perfect Moment Board Game Preview

*Theme Music* 90 Second Nerd Hey I’m Dallas with 90 Second Nerd. Today I’m doing a recitation video, a preview of The Perfect Moment. My 90 seconds start now. The Perfect Moment is a wallet game published by Button Shy Games, in fact it’s the winner of their wallet design contest. The game’s made for […]

CES 2018 and the future of virtual reality – BBC Click

this week angry man tries to open email holograph takes on human form and the X Factor reaches Nemo I’ve had enough enough of old tech to going obsolete so it seems even desktop computers days are numbered oh right let’s see what they got for us this year the Consumer Electronics Show in Las […]