Codewars: Square(n) number (8 kyu) TDD in JavaScript

Hi! Welcome to Codewars. In this series I gonna solve TDD katas using javascript. I’m Anatol and you’re watching the Good Parts of the front-end development. If this is your first time here start now by subscribing. Let’s solve today kata titled “Square(n) Sum.” Complete the square sum method, so that it squares each number […]

How to make a Snake Game in Notepad | how to program a Snake Game

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Snake game coding tutorial in html javascript ★ play snake on smartphone ★ free web games

Hoe maak je een game zoals snake voor op een website. Ga naar naar en speel het nu! In deze video laat ik je zien hoe ik dit spel gemaakt heb. Zelf heb ik via flexwebhosting mijn domeinnaam geregeld. en ik kan bestanden op een server plaatsen. Ik gebruik een gratis ftp programma […]

How to Create your Own Snake Game Without Using Any Software.

what’s going on folks I hope you’re doing good you are watching ask the nerd and this is your host Sanober Khanday today I’m gonna show you how can you create your very own professional Snake game without any software so let’s begin the quick tutorial so as you can see the file this is […]

Coding Challenge #3: The Snake Game

Hello and welcome to what today will be a 15 minute coding challenge! I am going to attempt to program, from scratch, in JavaScript, the snake game. I don’t think I’ve ever done this before, perhaps I have I’ve certainly made stuff that resembles it. But if you’re not familiar with the Snake game, pause […]

JavaScript Tic Tac Toe Project Tutorial – Unbeatable AI w/ Minimax Algorithm

In this video I will be showing you how to create a tic-tac-toe game from start to finish using JavaScript HTML and CSS. I will also show you how to create the AI using the minimax algorithm. I expect you to have basic knowledge about HTML CSS and JavaScript But you don’t have to know […]

How to make Reversi Part 25 – Rules – Only Valid Moves

– Now that we have our server that calculate in our valid moves, what we wanna do now is we wanna have our client side enforce those valid moves. So we’re gonna make sure that when we get information about the legal moves that the client only allows the players to play in those places. […]

How to make Reversi Part 19 – Board – Play Token Part 1

what we want to add to our board now is the capacity to be able to play a token and playing a token is going to involve adding functionality so that whenever we click on an eligible board square we’re going to send a message to the server saying that we’ve played a token so […]

How to make Reversi Part 27 – Rules – Game Over

– Before we had added all of the code that restricted moves to places where it was valid to move according to the game of Reversi, we had set up our server so that the game was over when all the positions had been filled. Well, in a game of Reversi that’s played according to […]

How a 10 year old beat my ass at chess

– Why and how can a 10-year-old beat my ass at chess? I am top 1% in the world, I been doing it for over a decade, the kid hasn’t been doing it for a decade, what is going on? I wanna share that with you, and I also wanna share from a perspective of […]