Bhangra & Ballet | Dance Video | Indian Folk Dance | Indian Culture | Jalebi Street

Jalebi Street, Jalebi Street Come play with us on, Jalebi Street Bangra and Ballet The children are all in school this morning Children, this is Jojo. You’re new dance coach Good morning, sir Hi kids, I am so excited. Bruhh! Yey! Oo! What’s going on? Now, can anyone show me some dance moves? I will […]

Bonfires and Kites I Pongal, Makar Sankranti and Lohri I Jalebi Street | Full episode

touwnnnn….touwnn touwnn touwnn Jalebi Street Jalebi Street Lets have fun on Jalebi Street I am Div I am Bunny I am Naaz I am Maddy I am Bubble and this is Jalebi Street…. Bonfires and Kites Today…is a fun day on Jalebi Street Bye-Bye A Bonfire Wowww…. Looks like BBQ time… Hey Bubble….this is for […]

Sparkly Teeth | Teeth Brushing Song | Importance Of Brushing Teeth I Jalebi Street Full Episode

one morning on Jalebi Street the children are getting ready for a class photograph bunny why don’t you stand next to div there and Maddy please stand next to bubble okay. Ewww bunny your teeth are all yellow don’t you brush your teeth see mine I brush them twice every day momma says that if […]

The Diwali Goddess | Diwali For Kids | Importance Of Indian Festivals | Jalebi Street | Full Episode

Jalebi Street, Jalebi Street Come play with us on Jalebi Street The Diwali Goddess It is festive season on Jalebi Street Children are making rangoli for Diwali Okay! I’m off. I promised mummy I would clean up my room today No! Five minutes more, five minutes. Please! Please! Please! Come on, Maddy. Please! No, no […]

Stretchy Yoga I Yoga for kids I Kids Education | Indian Culture | Jalebi Street | Full Episode

Narrator: It is early Morning on Jalebi Street. Deep breathing sound Mummaaa….eh? Deep breathing sound continues.. Mom Mom Mom…..(Knock on the door) Mom…. Ahh..! Eh?? Ahhh? Giggling.. Ohh…hmmm Mom…. Bubble…shhhhh Hmm…ahhh..? Woooaaaaaaaaaaaahhh… Funny music….. Bubble..Trouble…….. What are you doing?? What were you doing Mumma?? I was doing yoga! Yoga??? What’s that??? Yoga is an exercise.. […]

SaReGaMa I Kids Videos | Indian Classical For Kids | Indian Culture I Jalebi Street | Full Episode

Sa Re Ga Ma! It is the middle of a school day, On Jalebi Street Patty cake Patty cake Baker’s man Bake me a cake as fast as you can! Pack it, roll it, mark it with a b! Hi! That looks fun! can i play too?? Sure! Patty cake Patty cake , Baker’s man […]

The Rakhi Connection | Raksha Bandhan Story | Learning Video For Kids | Jalebi Street | Full Episode

The Rakhi connection It’s playtime on Jalebi Street I am going higher than you Ok. Wait a minute. Let me try too Bubble and Naaz have just learn how to swing by themselves Naaz look at me. Now I am higher Bubbles please swing me Not now Krish, we are swinging too fast Swing me […]

The Christmas Party | Kid’s Christmas Party in India | Christmas Stories For Kids | Jalebi Street

it is the day before Christmas Div, mummy Lobo just called. Her flight back is delayed. She can’t make it back for the Christmas party tonight. (sigh) Oh! No! Is the party cancelled then? Oh!No! Well, I suppose it’s too late to cancel now. The preparation is all done. Oh! Thank you! Christmas Eve is […]

Happy Holi I Holi for kids | Jalebi Street | Full Episode

touwnnn….touwn touwn touwn Jalebi Street Jalebi Street Jalebi Street Lets have fun on jalebi street I am Div I am Bunny I am Naaz I am Magy I am Bubble And this is Jalebi Street Happy Holi Jalebi Street is smiling let’s find out why It is Holi tomorrow the festival of colors and Bubble… […]

The Food competition I Indian Foods | Kids Videos | Indian Culture I Jalebi Street | Full Episode

This afternoon on jalebi street All the mummies are at Bubbles house Having fun, at their pot-lunch Tea party. This was such a good idea, Mummy Kapoor! The kids can play and we can chat and have a fun time too! Thats true! It is a good idea! Yes! We must do this again! The […]