Mario Kart Tour | The New Baby Rosalina Tour Part 1

(Mario Kart Tour Now Open Music) Take 2 Ok We’ve been landed from London Heathrow From or To? Bring it on! The Baby Rosalina Tour! Happy Inter… This is the two one! The two of all! But for only… This is double month! But for only… For the world, just 1… It’s International Women’s Month! […]

Weekly News Quiz 07 – Behind the News

Which Hollywood movie star has been struck down with coronavirus in Australia? Is it…? It’s Tom Hanks. Tom and his wife, Rita Wilson, have tested positive to the virus while visiting Australia to film their new movie. This big orange icebreaker left Hobart on its final Antarctic voyage. What’s its name? It’s Aurora Australis, also […]

It’s like a battle on the court | Sporting Rivalries: Boccia | Paralympic Games

I’m David Smith. BC1, World, European and Paralympic champion. On court it’s a battle. It’s a war. I don’t think I’d be half the player I am today if i hadn’t had these people beating me. Boccia is such a fast and developing game if we didn’t have each other to push each other on, […]

[ENG SUB] ITZY PART2, Astro (Moon Bin, Yoon San-ha) and Kangmin (VERIVERY) Weekly idol Episode 451

(ITZY is back with “WANNABE.”) (“Mafia in Silence” that ITZY wanted to play) (Find the mafia member with a mission.) (The game starts.) Let’s watch closely. – We should introduce ourselves? – What? It’s you. I think it’s you. (Their fierce battle of guessing!) (Who is the mafia member of ITZY?) – It’s you. – […]

I’ve got a grass snake! | Shed Science

🎶 Shed Science Theme 🎶 So I am not in the shed. I am in the garden, but next to a main road, so apologies if there’s traffic. And, bit of an impromptu video because my neighbors just next door called me up just now they said Sally – we’ve got something we think you […]

It’s Time To Talk About Current Situation | మీరు అందరు ఈ జాగ్రత్తలు తప్పకుండా పాటించండి |

hi Andy Andaru ela unnaru, This is Geetha welcome back to our channel Geetha vlogs so me and that we almost he pretends per unit only so me and their cattle SCADA bite a situation our selves are villedieu coronavirus it Krishna coronavirus khatallah by Berta namu and including shoddy by tappet a lenticular char […]


so in this video we’re looking at the knee spin with undulations so the knee spin is a signature move that I have which is my style Tribal Fusion and that I have in my school it’s based on the knee spin I call this the knee spin previous videos I talk about it more […]

Got a haircut from My Taiwanese wife | First product review failed | table tennis game with my mom

hey Simon here today is March 8 it’s Sunday again, how is everybody on the weekend? today probably just gonna do another average vlog just go back to our parents’ place finish our lunch Originally I plan to talk about some issues happening in China recently the first one is the sun yang case you […]