Another three folds repetition (In Chess Part 8b)

Occupying the center Defending the pawn Defending the center pawn Here he is pinning my knight with his bishop Forcing an exchange Done exchanging Putting the pawn on a better square Threatening the loose bishop so backing off the bishop to a safe square Strong duo pawn in the center Applying pressure on either of […]


IT Chapter Two clocked in at a whopping two hours 50 minutes. However, the initial cut was around four hours long, meaning there are a ton of fascinating deleted scenes fans never got to see. Yippee-ki-yay, movie lovers, I’m Jan and in this video I’m revealing all the deleted scenes from Chapter Two and explaining […]

Ludo ICT trainee BPM

LUDO: Ik ben Ludo, ICT-trainee Business Process Management bij de Belastingdienst. Dat houdt in dat je bedrijfsprocessen modelleert, standaardiseert en automatiseert. Hiervoor heb ik Bedrijfseconomie gestudeerd. Uiteindelijk heb ik meer interesse gekregen in ICT, vooral vanwege de creativiteit… en het probleemoplossend vermogen dat erbij komt kijken. Het leek me vooral interessant omdat het tussen de […]

How Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows Should Have Ended

In answer to your previous request regarding Dr. Watson not being involved.. The answer is.. No. When two objects collide, there is always damage of a collateral nature. Now… are you sure you want to play this– Throat punch, throat punch, throat punch, throat punch! Throat punch, throat punch, throat punch.. How Sherlock Holmes: A […]

Heart chess episode 3 Movements of some pieces 2

yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah Hello! My name is John. In this video I will continue talking about the movements of the pieces in a heart chess. I will start with a knight. Knight moves horizontally or vertically two squares and one square. I’d like to show it with pegs. It can move […]

Heart chess episode 2 Movements of some pieces 1

yeah yeah Hello! My name is John. Today i will talk about the movements of some pieces in a heart chess. Let’s start with a king. As you know, when you capture the king the game is over. The king can move in any direction one square. here here and here. If there is a […]