Best Friends Challenge with Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel

-Now, here’s how this game’s gonna work, okay? Justin, you’re gonna ask us a question about yourself. Jessica and I will write down our answers, and then you’ll reveal the correct answer, and we’ll see which one of us knows you better. -Okay. [ Cheers and applause ] -There are your questions right there. You […]

“To All The Boys: P.S. I Still Love You” Cast Plays Ship Or Sink

Lily Aldridge, Peter Gallagher And Kelly Guess Famous People’s Eyebrows

– So listen, in honor of Lily’s perfume and Peter’s eyebrows, I love them, we have a little game called, “I know those brows.” Are you ready? – [Lily] Yes. – [Kelly] Let’s go people ♪ I know those brows ♪ – He is on my right, come on over! Okay Peter, I think you’re, […]

LEC Pop Quiz – Buff / Nerf / Remove

Pop Quiz. I can’t wait. Buff, nerf, remove. Buff Zed. Maybe Zed, I think. I think he’s still pretty fine, but he could use some help. Buff Zed for sure. I want Xerath buffed. Champions like Xerath, for me, are one of the most skilled champions in the game to play, so I really like […]

Common words of Finnish and Japanese: interview and self-made card game battle (FIN/ENG SUB)

Hi, I’m Gen. This time, the theme of the video is similarities between Finnish and Japanese languages. The pronunciations of Finnish and Japanese resemble each other but that’s not the only similarity As to what else there is, let’s go and find out I’m going to Finland! And so I have arrived to Finland, Tampere […]

Magician Dan White Freaks Out Jimmy and Questlove with a Time Traveling Card Trick

-Jimmy, tonight we are going to — -How did you know my name is Jimmy? -Tonight, we’re going to attempt to find order in chaos. -Order in chaos. -Love it. -This deck of cards represents chaos, okay? These cue cards represent order. Quest, what I need you to do, if you wouldn’t mind, just hold […]

Interview with former World Chess Champion GM Ruslan Ponomariov

Hi everyone. I received some questions from German magazine Rochade. There is like 15 questions and I decided to record my answers to share it with more people. So let’s go one by one. In general the idea is to answer some short. First question, what was the most unusual experience you had during a […]

Slapjack Rematch with Kevin Hart

-Kevin and I are about to face off in a game of “Slapjack.” It works like blackjack… -Yes. -…but at the end of each round, the winner gets to slap the loser across the face with a giant prosthetic hand. -Yeah, that’s it right here. [ Cheers and applause ] Yes. Yeah. -Now, Kevin, we […]

How to Make a $10k Pair of Shoes from Scratch: The Shoe Surgeon

One-Second Below Deck Quiz with Leslie Jones

-Guys, there was a new episode of “Below Deck” on Monday, and I love that show. I don’t think anyone knows it better than me because that is my exact — Leslie J–! [ Cheers and applause ] Leslie Jones, everybody! Leslie Jones! Leslie! What? What are you — -Nobody knows “Below Deck” more than […]