‘Chess Piece ♟️& Bus Tattoos 🚌’ | Grudge Match Sneak Peek

Home sweet home. That shirt’s killing me right now. He just got off of a pirate ship? You know what you don’t tattoo in? White pants. Nope. Not good. Not smart. I don’t know what the hell Dane’s issue is. I thought this was a grudge match, not a lesson for daycare here. Here we […]

🔴 MUST WATCH: Indian INVENTIONS and DISCOVERIES That You Won’t Believe Are TRUE!

everything you see around you, was either invented or discovered by someone in some part of this world and without these inventions and discoveries our world would not have been the one we witness today and while the mainstream media actively highlights only one side of the story like nearly half of Indians living in […]

These BFFs Throw Down Over Their Gross Tattoos | How Far Is Tattoo Far? | MTV

– Oh, I’m so scared. (dreary music) This is the one thing that I wouldn’t want it to be. (Kayla laughing) (eclectic music) I don’t understand why you’re laughing. – [Narrator] How Far is Tattoo Far is the show that puts relationships to the ultimate trust test in a very permanent way, with blind tattoos. […]