Promoting Indonesia: SPIEL 2019 (board & card games) feat. Dimas Wisudawan [SUB INA & ENG]

Hello everyone ! With us is my colleague, Dimas Hi ! How are you? Fine thanks. Are you doing fine as well? Yes, always super Thank you so much for your time With pleasure However, before we begin, I must ask you You can speak Bahasa Indonesia right? Of course! Of course! I was afraid […]

Snake Catchers: Protecting The World’s Deadliest Snakes

00:13 COMM: Australian Barry Goldsmith is a professional snake catcher and has be wen handling snakes for forty years. 00:20 COMM: He runs his business, Snake Catcher Victoria, with his wife of twenty eight years, Karen. Who also shoots most of their video. 00:28 COMM: They love the reptiles so much that even when they […]

Dance Video Dance Choreography Dance School Jakarta


How to Play and Win Auto Chess Mobile | Auto Chess Mobile iOS Android Gameplay

Moshi – Moshi guys let’s continue our journey but before we start don’t forget to like share and subscribe to my channel if you love my content also today I want to discuss about the comments let’s see ok first comment from Uzumaki Burahan Kun he want me to play combo knight and egersis okay […]

THE BEST BUILD I HAVE EVER PLAYED | Auto Chess Mobile Gameplay #21

Moshi – Moshi Twitch, Let’s continue our journey but before we start don’t forget to turn on Your English Subtitles for a better experience and don’t forget to Like share and subscribe my video for new everyday content and if you wonder how to play this game check out my channel here and I will […]

Gacha Lottery Chess Rush Habisin Gold 5M Dapet Apa?

Hallo selamat datang di channel Unsleep Gaming kali ini chess rush sudah season 1 dan banyak banget fitur barunya salah satunya adalah gacha atau lottery ini kalian bisa dapetin flamecaller dan akita kali ini gue mau ngabisin gold buat gacha 5 juta gold bagi kalian yang belum tau gue dapetin gold itu dari mana gue […]