India Claims 2018 Commonwealth Games Gold | Table Tennis News Weekly

This week on TT News Weekly: India secures Commonwealth team gold medals, Fan Zhendong and Zhu Yuling capture Asian Cup titles, and Japanese stars earn first senior success at Slovenia Open. The opening week of table tennis at the 2018 Commonwealth Games featured team event action with Team India emerging victorious in both the Men’s […]

India’s 15 year old TT prodigy | India Plays – S1E05

My name is Diya Chitale. I am 15 years old, I am a Table Tennis player and I am the current U-15 National champion. Nice. When I won the U-15 title, it was really great because I beat players who were older than me. Diya started playing Table Tennis more as a hobby, rather than […]

The rise and fall of the Mongol Empire – Anne F. Broadbridge

It was the largest contiguous land empire in history— stretching from Korea to Ukraine and from Siberia to southern China, and was forged on the open plains. In the 12th century CE, before the Mongol Empire formed, the East Asian steppe was home to scattered groups of Mongol and Turkic pastoral nomads led by Khans. […]

Child chess prodigy wins right to stay in UK

the family of a nine-year-old chess prodigy has won the right to stay in the UK due to his world-class talent last week Metro Cote UK reported that shreya soil who was just three years old when his father was offered a job in the UK would have to return to India when his dad’s […]

Budhia Singh – Born To Run | Official Trailer

Our country has never produced a single marathon player. And Budhia will fulfill this dream for India. Long live…Budhia Singh! Long live…Budhia Singh! Long live…Budhia Singh! I am hungry. – What? I am hungry. Come here…I’ll give you food. Rascal…wants food! It’s not right to keep such a small kid… …away from his mother. He […]

🔴 MUST WATCH: Indian INVENTIONS and DISCOVERIES That You Won’t Believe Are TRUE!

everything you see around you, was either invented or discovered by someone in some part of this world and without these inventions and discoveries our world would not have been the one we witness today and while the mainstream media actively highlights only one side of the story like nearly half of Indians living in […]

Why should you read “Midnight’s Children”? – Iseult Gillespie

It begins with a countdown. On August 14th, 1947, a woman in Bombay goes into labor as the clock ticks towards midnight. Across India, people hold their breath for the declaration of independence after nearly two centuries of British occupation and rule. And at the stroke of midnight, a squirming infant and two new nations […]

A brief history of chess – Alex Gendler

The attacking infantry advances steadily, their elephants already having broken the defensive line. The king tries to retreat, but enemy cavalry flanks him from the rear. Escape is impossible. But this isn’t a real war– nor is it just a game. Over the roughly one-and-a-half millennia of its existence, chess has been known as a […]

25 Facts About The Amazing India -Turn on CC for Subtitles| InfoTape

hi guys welcome to my channel InfoTape I am your host Maya and today I’m gonna talk about 25 facts about the wonderful India but before we get started let’s hear out the disclaimer there may be some names or words that I may mispronounce due to my lack of familiarity therefore please do not […]

Naagon Se Panga – Motu Patlu in Hindi WITH ENGLISH, SPANISH & FRENCH SUBTITLES

I am in trouble, my house is full of snakes. How can this happen? So much of snakes are not there in whole of Furfuri town. Till date I have not seen any snake. Some body, must have given some party invitation to the snakes, that’s why they must have come. Snake!! Why are you […]