Chess King – Disabled Puppet Theatre

Yes! Yes! Yes, my pretties! Hey, Harelip. Ooo! Checkers with action figures! Helmet Kid! I’m glad you’re here. I got this chess set from Craigslist Free — it was free! Oh, chess! They play chess in movies and on TV and in space, but Space Chess has three levels. So now I can finally practice […]

Cheerleaders in the Chess Club – Ep3 / S1

oh my god Devo Khloe Kardashian who Khloe hello the youngest Kardashian sister what does that have to do with chess nothing look she just posted a steak face you mean stink face no steak face I don’t understand what’s a stank face it’s like stink but it’s stank if it’s past tense then it […]

Cheerleaders in the Chess Club – Ep1 / S1

We’re gonna to be late for cheer! I know. And that’s ok? It’ll be fine. Are you sure about this? Yes. I just don’t get it. Look, don’t even worry about cheer. You wouldn’t even be on the squad if it weren’t for me. Okay. You’re my friend, right? Of course! We do things together. […]