Bubble Snake Experiment

*INTRO* What’s up everybody, welocme back to my laboratory, where safety is number one priority And today I’m gonna do super cool bubble experiment Let’s check this out For this experiment we’re going to need: soap bubble mixture, plastic bottle, little towel and a rubber band First thing you’re gonna do is cut the bottom […]

Jason Williams Elbow Pass – Jason Williams Highlights | Snake

Jason Williams Elbow Pass – Jason Williams Highlights coach Jesse Muench with get handles .com. Today i’m going to show you how to do the jason williams behind the back elbow pass I’ve been getting this requested for quite some time so I’m finally bringing you the breakdown this one’s actually pretty simple to teach […]

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HUGE!! 9 POINT BUCK TAKEN WITH A RECURVE BOW – Traditional Whitetail Deer Bow Hunting – 2019 Archery

Saturday November 2nd pretty cold morning this morning I was about 23 degrees by myself this morning try to do some self filming we’re gonna drill cameras all summer there’s been some pretty decent bunk in here so awesome basically doing is walking around to have some scrapes on manchas that law degree two days […]

Minecraft – How To Make a Nine Men’s Morris Board Game – Custom Maps

How to make a Nine Men’s Morris Board Game You will need: Step 1: The board The board will be seven blocks squared. Please make sure to use half slabs. You can use any type of slab you want. Now, place an item frame on every block. I used https://mc-map.djfun.de/ to make custom maps! You’ll […]

Slacker Mom’s Guide to Baking | MomCave TV| Fake Bake Tired Mom Bake Sale

We are going to show you how to turn this into something that looks like YOU made it. Welcome to Slacker Mom’s Guide to Baking. Ok. I don’t have time for this shit. Oh, this will help. We are here to tell you how NOT to bake. You’re telling me. I’m not in this. Oh, […]

FUN Basketball Drills! Basketball Workout: How To Get Handles | Snake

FUN Basketball Drills! Basketball Workout: How To Get Handles | Snake I got a crazy new video for you today to help you work on your ball handling your moves and a whole bunch of other things are scoring and it’s completely different from all the videos I’ve done or at least all of the […]

How To Frontside 360: Snowboarding Trick Tip | Blue Tomato

Hello, I’m Florian Galler, Blue Tomato team rider and today I’m explaining you how to do a Frontside 360 from your heel edge. You approach the jump on your toe edge, do a setup turn, transition your weight to your heel edge, bend your knees, jump off the jump and look to your left in […]

The Pull – How To Swim Front Crawl | Freestyle Swimming Technique

– Today I’m at Team Bath and I’m going to be talking you through the pool phase of the front crawl stroke, which is the propulsive phase of the stroke. This is simply the part in which your hand and your arm are pulling against the water directly beneath our bodies. And if you get […]