How to make a PPT interactive QUIZ game show in MS PowerPoint – Tutorial

in this tutorial I’ll be showing you how to make a quiz game in PowerPoint So in the first slide As you can see here, we can make a menu or we can start with the quiz I will have a menu.. My Quiz Game and here and i’ll just type man yeah that by […]

Dave’s Tips | Snake Strike Putt

Hi I’m Dave Dunipace and I’m here with a tip about putting. And, I’m going to call this the “Snake Strike Putt”. The reason why I want to call it that, is cause I want to give you the idea of what the rhythm is like on the putt. A lot of people go through […]

HACKER GIRL UNMASK HIDE & SEEK CHALLENGE – PZ4 Will Do a Face Reveal if We Win Her Game

– PZ4, we know your name is Regina, and your mask is falling apart there. Everybody wants to see your face, so I think you need to take that mask off ’cause you’re not with Project Zorgo anymore. – You wanna see this face right here? – [Chad] Yes. – Yes, everybody wants to see […]


Be the first to find the main switchboard telephone number for the White House If it’s not pulled up on your phone you lose and you get sent to the snake pit I rolled a 5, Damien can you please help me with moving my piece? Why, yes. Joven- I just want you to know […]

How to Play The Card Game Bridge | Tutorial 3 | Play Tricks

Great so we just finished sorting our hands, you’ve got your cards, and now we’re ready to learn the fundamental unit of the play of the game of bridge, which is called the “trick”. And let me tell you, it’s not that tricky! For the first trick, Frida leads the two of clubs, and then […]

Magic Tutorial – Mad Monte

Lemon Chess Pie * Dessert Recipe * Chess Pie Recipe

Lemon Chess Pie The NateChris Way… 1 Stick of butter – Melted 1 1/2 Cups Sugar 1/4 cup lemon juice (juice from 1 lemon) 1 tablespoon all purpose flour 1 tablespoon yellow cornmeal 1/2 cup milk 1/4 teaspoon salt 4 large eggs Mix with wisk Pour into pie shells Place in Preheated 350 degree oven […]

✔ Minecraft: How to make a Ping Pong Table

How to make a Ping Pong table (aka a table tennis table, but that sounds stupid). I actually found this on Reddit and thought it was so cool I had to share it! I changed it up a bit, but credit goes to ELWORRIER. If I get 2000 likes, I’ll make another sports thing of […]

Can Card Counting Beat a Continuous Shuffle Machine?

– So what are those crazy shuffle machines at the Blackjack tables and can you count cards at them? That’s what I’m going to be talking about today in this video. (upbeat music) Hey guys, I’m Colin from Blackjack Apprenticeship and I’m gonna talk about continuous shuffle machines and if you can count cards at […]