Strictly’s Will Bayley sports a leg brace after knee injury – News Live

Strictly Come Dancing star Will Bayley has been spotted with his leg in a brace, amid claims he could be forced to quit the show after suffering a knee injury in rehearsals The Paralympian, 31, was in high spirits as he sported the protective brace on his leg during an outing in London with his […]

The myth of Thor’s journey to the land of giants – Scott A. Mellor

Thor—son of Odin, god of thunder, and protector of mankind— struggled mightily against his greatest challenge yet: opening a bag of food. It’d all started when Thor, along with his fleet-footed human servant Thjalfi and Loki, the trickster god, set out on a journey to Jotunheim, land of the giants. Along the way, they’d met […]

What Sal Vulcano Was Doing Before Impractical Jokers Took Off

Sal Vulcano is one quarter of The Tenderloins, the comedy troupe at the heart of the truTV show Impractical Jokers, which has been on air since 2011. If you’ve somehow never seen it before, the series follows Vulcano and his longtime friends James Murray, Joe Gatto, and Brian Quinn as they compete to be the […]

(Eng Sub) Meet 14-year-old Table Tennis Hopeful Xiang Peng After National Games

Today’s story features a young table tennis athlete, Xiang Peng. The 14-year-old Xiang Peng played against Zhang Jike in the team competition at the 2017 National Games. The unheard athlete almost won over grand-slam athlete Zhang Jike. He won 11-4 in one of the games. Even Zhang Jike praised Xiang Peng’s performance. Xiang Peng has […]

The Egyptian Book of the Dead: A guidebook for the underworld – Tejal Gala

Ani stands before a large golden scale where the jackal-headed god Anubis is weighing his heart against a pure ostrich feather. Ani was a real person, a scribe from the Egyptian city of Thebes who lived in the 13th century BCE. And depicted here is a scene from his Book of the Dead, a 78-foot […]

[Rookie King BTS Ep 5-3] 7 men, 7 cards! The cards hold their destiny!

Live View- Channel BTS-The Final Boss-HD View The Final Boss (Starting episode 5 of The Final Boss with a round of applause.) Why are we clapping? (Last week!) (V had a hard time with a punishment with J-hope.) (So the crew prepared a gift for him – (The position of king for next episode.) (V […]

Lin Yun Ju = Greatest Warrior from Taiwan (Right Handed Version)

Welcome back to my channel. Lin Yun Ju, the 18 years old young players from Taiwan. His nickname is the “Silent Assasin”. He has won the top 4 best players with ease, quietness, and grace. Lin’s footwork and playing style are like an old experienced warrior in a young body. Very impressive style and skills. […]

The Story Behind Six Samurai: Shien | Yu-Gi-Oh! Lore

What’s going on people? gunsblazing back at it again, welcoming you to yet another episode of yugioh lore. Behind the yugioh card game itself is another world which you may not know too much about, since it is not the main focus of the game or the anime itself. But if you take the time […]

Learn Animal Colours For Children | Number Zoo | Toddler Fun Learning

I’m Kelly Chameleon, there’s something special about me My skin changes colour – so I’m tricky to see But I woke up this morning and something was wrong My trick wasn’t working – my colours have gone! I need to find them, but where can they be? I’m sure my friends at the zoo can […]

Table Tennis: Little Ma Long of Brazil

Little Ma Long of Brazil Welcome back to the channel of EmRatThich. I know that there are many fans of Captain Long out there. I’ve seen some true fan of Ma Long. I’ve seen some birthday cake that a dad has made for his son with his idol “Ma Long” on the cake. But this […]