Another three folds repetition (In Chess Part 8b)

Occupying the center Defending the pawn Defending the center pawn Here he is pinning my knight with his bishop Forcing an exchange Done exchanging Putting the pawn on a better square Threatening the loose bishop so backing off the bishop to a safe square Strong duo pawn in the center Applying pressure on either of […]

Starting with a defensive mindset- Chess(Oct Part 6)

Starting the game with a defense in mind Slightly offensive but it can be defended Back off bishop so it can defend not attack Counter by opponent so I capture his pawn He does a counter to my counter Developing a piece Have to move my knight to a safe square Playing a prophylaxis move […]

The Clever Snake

A feeling of great joy filled the town, as people came out of their houses. as we all gathered around. I recall the rustle in the bushes, as the green leaves flew, up into the air, the wind took them as it blew, blew, blew! At first, I admit, I thought he was a choo […]

Solid Snake: ULTIMATE Origins?! – Got A Minute?

Snake’s sneaking back onto the roster for another brawl, ladies and gentlemen, and he’s sporting a slick new logo alongside his selection of suits. But while his darker attire brings Guns of the Patriots to mind, the bulk of his wardrobe actually comes from Big Boss’ camouflage collection. As a master of CQC since his […]

Why should you read “Midnight’s Children”? – Iseult Gillespie

It begins with a countdown. On August 14th, 1947, a woman in Bombay goes into labor as the clock ticks towards midnight. Across India, people hold their breath for the declaration of independence after nearly two centuries of British occupation and rule. And at the stroke of midnight, a squirming infant and two new nations […]

Final flight of wingsuit diver Victor Kovats caught on camera

This is the moment Hungarian wingsuit flyer Victor Kovats jumps from a mountain cliff in rural China. The cliff is 100 metres high but his suit is tailor made to allow him to guide his way down. At 40 years old, Victor is an experienced flyer. At this point he’s clocked up 700 wingsuit flights […]

5 WORST Finishers In WWE History

Number 5 – Umaga – Samoan Spike Eddie Fatu was a Samoan-American professional wrestler, best known under the ring name, “Umaga”. His character was built as this unstoppable force weighing in at 350 pounds, however, his finishing move, the “Samoan Spike” didn’t do any justice conveying his character’s destructive nature. The Samoan Spike was essentially […]


Luka folding his clothes and seeing a glove Oh, Luka is in the washing machine world Woa!!! The glove find his friend What a wonderful dream, right Kids!

How the Inventor of the Rubik’s Cube Cracked His Own Code

(uptempo music) – [Narrator] There are 43 quintillion possible combinations. Now imagine you have no websites, no books and no one to show you how to solve it, because you invented it. But you didn’t invent the Rubik’s Cube. (enchanting music) This guy did. It was 1974. Thirty-year-old Erno Rubik was just beginning his career […]