Escape Quadrant Hacker Chase for 24 HOURS! (Tricked by Game Master Disguise)

DO NOT PLAY WITH CHUCKY AT 3AM!! One Man Hide and Seek Overnight Challenge Gone Wrong!

hey guys Jade here but Rose Hill it’s state I am in we’re gonna do the one man ing challenge with Chucky ice truckey before and I melt myself to him but personally I know how to handle him so never do this at home kids is not safe if you don’t know what you’re […]

Never Ending Hide And Seek Abandoned In Hidden Dessert DollMaker Part 9


Run run run run! hey whats going on fam welcome to another adventure with omar Got my friend john here, got my son Max theres my friend dylan we are gonna take this one man hide n seek to the next level we are gonna use a life size mannequin i had several of you […]

Never Play Hide and Seek “Manhunt” at 1AM (SCARY)

Crap! That’s them. That’s them! Crap, I’m so dead. *pulls over* *DUUUUM* *record Scratch* What is up guys? Today we’re playing a game called man hunt We have to be a little quiet because it’s midnight, and we’re in a residential area. We don’t want to wake the neighbours so manhunt is a game involving […]


DELIVERANCE TIME People of God, we church people should not be concerned with how many members are in church but how many have been saved. Here is Mr Enny, pretending to be a Christian but is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. What is his mission here among the people of God? Can darkness be in […]

Why are we scared of the dark?

Hi guys and welcome to Scare U. I’m Dr. Margee Kerr, Scare Specialist here at The ScareHouse and today we’ll be looking at that old skull of ours and try to figure out what makes us respond to scary situations the way that we do. Why is it that we jump at the loud thump […]

Kawach Mahashivratri – 31st August 2019 – कवच महाशिवरात्री – Full Episode

‘You must protect my son.’ ‘He will come to get Prem… …as soon as I’m gone.’ ‘He… He would come.’ ‘Large crows… Then he would come.’ ‘Mom used to hide me.’ Alright. I won’t stay awake. But on one condition. – Condition? What is it? You must bring me ice cream. Ice cream? Now? Where […]

Zozo… The Mystery 2 (Based on True Story)

Karan Karan What happened? Sssssssshhhhhhh What happened? Aaaa…. Anju was here.. Where is she? There… There Where…? Where is she? She… Was here It’s just your hallucination… there is nothing like that I just saw her She was here She is not there Not there You don’t trust me? It’s nothing like that… But she […]