Metal Gear Solid V: MSX Solid Snake Mod

Happy birthday, congratulations Happy birthday, with salutations Happy birthday May your sky stay blue Happy birthday to you! Hahahahahaaa! *Desperately trying to set Big Boss on fire by blowing the candles on him* *LAUGHTER* *Big Boss, offscreen* Happy birthday, Snake. *Miller, on radio* Get outta there! *Miller, on radio* It’s after you…

GST Collection Crosses Rs 1 Lakh Crore #GST

In January 2019 the government said that the GST collection crossed Rs 1 lakh crore. For the last 3 months, the GST collections have been very high. Last year in January 2018 the total GST collected was Rs 89,825 crore. This is a big improvement. The tax department earlier had very strict rules. Even after […]

[Cover the World #4] Karol (Poland) + Sit Down Stand Up (Radiohead)

– The best version is the one we haven’t recorded yet ! – I think the best one is THIS one ! – Ok this one, right NOW will be the best ! – Ok so we need to change this – I’m scared Thank you very much, ok bye !

Sissel Kyrkjebø & Tommy Körberg – You and I (from Chess) – 1989 [CC]

Knowing I want you knowing I love you I can’t explain Why I remain careless about you I’ve been a fool to allow dreams to become Great expectations How can I love you so much yet make no move? I pray the days and nights in their endless weary procession Soon overwhelm my sad obsession […]

Heart chess episode 3 Movements of some pieces 2

yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah Hello! My name is John. In this video I will continue talking about the movements of the pieces in a heart chess. I will start with a knight. Knight moves horizontally or vertically two squares and one square. I’d like to show it with pegs. It can move […]

Playing Chess! | Doki Doki Literature Club! Monika After Story 0.7.0 Part 2

hey yo spaghetto here and welcome back to Monica after story I didn’t expect to pick this back up but then I realized as you play a little bit some more pieces of it each day that you unlock new stuff to do so yeah let’s talk to Monica right now she looks pretty sad […]

Heart chess episode 2 Movements of some pieces 1

yeah yeah Hello! My name is John. Today i will talk about the movements of some pieces in a heart chess. Let’s start with a king. As you know, when you capture the king the game is over. The king can move in any direction one square. here here and here. If there is a […]

Did Nicki Minaj Make A Chess Move?

hey good evening boss hogg on a Sunday night this is the Star report all right all right all right hell of a weekend I had and I’m refreshed and well rested and I want to chop it up tonight talk about a few things before the Monday comes rolling around let me just say […]

Is A$AP Rocky Built For Jail?

hey boss hogg on a Tuesday evening how you feel okay this is the star report in case you’re new to the show my name is troy terrain AKA star okay alright um things want to talk about tonight Cordy be cardi B does she have political power cardi B recently sat down with Bernie […]