Scottie bring us who ever you want alright where we now I don’t know oh my gosh this place is so wierd looking hey everyone it’s We Are The Davises hello and today we’re staying in the beautiful land of Orlando Florida we’re at Hilton Resort and we had a very unusual opertunity yesterday I […]


Hey there guys, my name is sparckman Welcome to this channel and today’s episode we are going to create a snake game ah, this is not a steering wheel by the way, this is a pop filter so you don’t hear the p’s for when I say potato Whoa Whoa firefox is trying to, close […]

Ping Pong In the Middle of a Lake

Today we are trying out something a bit more extreme. We are playing table tennis in the middle of this lake! Alright, here begins our building process. Here is the raft. It’s going to be about 6.7 meters long. Yeah, it’s going to be a quite big raft. Let’s start building! So we have four […]

Watch The Spikes NOT Play Thassa’s Oracle in Commander | The Spike Feeders S5E3

Before we get into today’s video, I’ve got three things for you. 1. If you want to get a notification whenever we post a new video, make sure you ring that bell. 2. There’s a TCGPlayer affiliate link in the shownotes. After clicking that link, every purchase you make on helps support this channel. […]

Hide and Seek: Horror Short Film

girls disccusing about going shopping tomorrow hey guys I have to go. see you later! okay,see you kiki! AAAH!!! WOW! deed you see that to? yes! Im not going down there! we have to! no wait don’t go! no dude this is to much to handle for me! Im out of here! No Lisanne wait!

PingPod #39 – 40mm vs 38mm Table Tennis Ball

Welcome to the PingPod, the ping pong podcast by PingSkills. Welcome Alois. Thanks Jeff Now today we’ve got an interesting topic.We’re talking about the 38mm ball vs the 40mm ball. Very exciting. Now how big a change has this been for table tennis when they introduced the new bigger 40mm ball? Well there was a […]


the clown sees us the clowns coming hey everyone it is we are the Davises hello everybody and today we are doing sardines at the park very highly requested one that you guys have been requesting for a while so a long time we’re going to do it just for you so yea I think […]

The Funniest Table Tennis Match in HISTORY

He’s looking forward to this match To see whether Saive will have any jawbreaking action during the match I’m totally excited European players are better at receiving “heavy” strikes are they going to spin around? they’re going to do it! it was so close he even had it all planned out If the last point […]